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  • 1.  checkbook trx posted to another DB's checkbook

    Posted May 18, 2020 11:45 AM
    We have a checkbook entry posted to Company A, but the entry is on Company B's checkbook.  Entry is still posted on Company A's general ledger.  Here's details I can provide:

    1. We are on GP 2019.
    2. Payment was posted from the Purchasing Manual Payments window
    3. When drilldown on the payment -
      1. Apply To information is accurate
      2. the "CASH" account is empty
      3. Checkbook ID shows Company B's checkbook ID
    4. The checkbook ID names are different on Company A and Company B
    The issue caused a problem on the bank reconciliation of both Company A & B.  The transaction was on Company A's bank statement and g/l, but not listed on the reconciliation screen.  Company B shows the entry on the reconciliation transactions, but not on the g/l.  Each company had an out of balance on the reconciliation.

    Any ideas how this happened?

    Other than creating transactions to reverse or record the actual checkbook transactions, is there a way to correct the tables?

    Thank you.

    Selena Breedlove
    SVP of Finance/Controller
    US Assure Inc
    Jacksonville FL

  • 2.  RE: checkbook trx posted to another DB's checkbook

    Posted May 18, 2020 03:18 PM
    Hi @Selena Breedlove

    Can you post screenshots.

    In essence it sounds like Company B's Checkbook was used but perhaps someone manually updated the distributions to Company A's GL Account for the Cash Amount (but without shots it's hard to say).

    When you cut a check a few tables get hit... the transactions in the CM (Cash Management or Bank Rec Module) get hit based on the Checkbook ID, the GL gets hit with the GL Accounts on the distribution screen.

    This mixup is likely what caused this.  You would need to do a cash transaction (using a suspense or wash account) to move the transaction amount from Company Bs Checkbook to Company As checkbook.  

    You may have seen a different account (bank account) if you'd printed the check but because it was manual this sort of mistake was easy to overlook.

    Let us know if you cannot figure out how to do the cash transaction to move it over to the right checkbook.



  • 3.  RE: checkbook trx posted to another DB's checkbook

    Posted May 19, 2020 08:34 AM
    This occurred because the INTERID in one of the two GP databases was incorrect and referenced the other database.
    There are two ways this occurred.
    1. Intercomany Transactions was setup at one time and then stopped but work transactions which hold the INTERIDreference were not cleaned up properly.
    2. Company A or Company B was made or combined as a copy/template from another GP company maybe B was made from A or a company was combined into A but at any rate the tables holding INTERID were not completely updated properly by someone doing SQL work
    A this point you want to scan both databases for all table instances of column = INTERID and get them fixed if you do not use Intercompany posting. This will prevent future occurrences.
    If you do use Intercompany posting the task will get a little more complex.

    Thaddeus Suter
    Retus, Inc

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