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Building Income Statements

  • 1.  Building Income Statements

    Posted Jan 17, 2019 01:35 PM
    Hello - I am trying to build an Income Statement for a company that has nine segment account numbers.  Most of the account numbers are very similar. For some of the groupings I need to specify two different segments in order to pull the correct account into the group.  Is there a way to link to financial dimensions by requesting it read two segments instead of just one? I want it to read two segments of some account numbers to identify the correct account...BUT...some of those segment numbers are also found in other accounts.  UGH!

    Cheryl Myers
    Rite of Passage
    Minden NV

  • 2.  RE: Building Income Statements

    Posted Jan 18, 2019 09:11 AM
    Hi @Cheryl Myers

    I think you have a lack of response because the question is too vague.

    Yes, most of the GP reporting softwares do allow for this type of specific coding of account numbers.

    However, before we could help we'd need to know which software you are using.

    If it is Management Reporter then there are some awesome Webinars and Academy Courses here on GPUG to learn that.  If it is another software you'd need to look into training for those.

    If it is a SmartList or Internal-to-GP report then what you are asking for is impossible without a custom view.

    Kindest Regards,
    Jo deRuiter , MCP, DCP
    "That GP Red Head"
    GPUG Academy Instructor
    Dynamics GP Credentialing Council-Vice Chair
    770-906-4504 (Cell)


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