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Purchase Orders & Wennsoft committed cost solution

  • 1.  Purchase Orders & Wennsoft committed cost solution

    Posted Oct 22, 2021 02:38 PM
    I had problems with the purchase orders and committed cost in Wennsoft (Key2Act), the purchase orders in Dynamics GP are correct, but the committed cost is multiplying the unit cost by the main measure unit, for example:
    Purchase measure unit =  Pound 100 x $10 = $1,000
    Committed cost show the next: Main Unit = ounce 1,600 (100 pound equivalent) x $10 = $16,000

    Note: When the purchase orders are receive and accounting, the cost passes correctly, the problem is with the commited purchase orders.

    this solution worked for me, but it is high risk, I did several processes.

    Signature Job Cost
    Utilities -> Reconcilie Jobs -> All
    Step #2
    Signature Job Cost
    Utilities -> Recreate Summary File -> All
    Step #3
    Maintenance -> SQL -> Select Data Base -> Product = Wennsoft Products -> Check = Update statistics

    Augusto Reyes
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