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Management Reporter Consolidated Function Question

  • 1.  Management Reporter Consolidated Function Question

    Posted Jan 18, 2019 02:51 PM

    From what I currently understand, MR allows users to create a 'consolidated' report for multiple companies.
    MR could consolidate multiple companies on the Column level setup horizontally but I would like to consolidate companies vertically with a summary unit in terms of hierarchy.

    Problem: On the Tree Definition, I have multiple companies (units), anytime I select a Row Definition for one company, that Row Definition is automatically selected for all the other companies. I need the units to work from different companies rather than different departments from the same company is its possible.

    Is there a way to consolidate multiple companies within MR's tree definition while using different Row Definitions on the Row Definition filter?

    Or is there another way I'm not yet familiar with to consolidate multiple companies in a Vertical manner using other MR elements?

    We're trying not to use any manual processes once the reports are generated

    Thank you,



  • 2.  RE: Management Reporter Consolidated Function Question

    Posted Jan 21, 2019 11:42 AM
    Hello, a few notes to help with your report:
    • A tree is required for multiple company/database reporting; only ONE row definition may be used for the report and referred to in tree (usually row referred to in tree only if doing Excel linking OR where you have multiple Financial Dimension (FD) links in the row IF your companies have different segments/dimensions and numbering (which is rare)
    • In column or row, you may filter company specific data.  In COLUMN, use the Reporting Unit field to choose a tree and unit within that tree to show companies side-by-side in column.   in ROW, use column D (Related Formulas/Rows/Units) to restrict a row to a certain unit or units (plural where you can restrict a row to a summary unit of tree or single posting level unit o tree).  This latter technique is how you can customize your report to only show certain rows for certain units of the tree (your row may be larger therefore based on how different the different companies reporting lines vary but can be accomplished!!!)
    • If there are any follow up questions, feel free to email and I can complimentary provide some additional documentation (and gather specific requirements for report) so feel free to email ( and we'll see GPUG members at one of the monthly Management Reporter trainings and webinars we conduct for GPUG to share such knowledge further with tips & tricks

    Derek Krebs
    Sr Consultant
    MSX Group

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