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GL Batch Update by SQL

  • 1.  GL Batch Update by SQL

    Posted 5 days ago
    ​​Hi All,
    I created a batch in GP saying "Batch101" By going through Transaction> Finance> Batches> Batch Entry.
    I need to reassign many JEs to Batch101. I updated BACHNUMB for "Batch1010" in GL10000 & GL10001 via SQL.
    The table s showed the BACHNUMB got updated, but I did not see any JES in the Batch101, I did see the JE has reassigned to Batch101.

    Please advise how to see the JEs in the "Batch101"

    Jerry Hing
    Los Angeles CA

  • 2.  RE: GL Batch Update by SQL

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Jerry,

    See if running the GL Reconcile for "Batch" will fix it for you...

    Gerald Buenafe
    BTP Technologies LLC


  • 3.  RE: GL Batch Update by SQL

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi @Jerry Hing

    Also, where are you LOOKING to see JEs in Batch 101?

    Essentially, GP holds on to Summary Batch data, like number of transactions and total of the batch in the table SY00500 in each of the separate databases.

    Running the reconcile as @Gerald Buenafe recommends is the best way to update the summary table, but if you want to SEE the summary pull up the batch in the SY00500​​​ table.  I IS possible to also "update" this table, but again, I would recommend the GL Reconcile above manually manipulating the table - its also much easier and more accurate than manual manipulation!




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