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Manufacturing Order Status Change Issue

  • 1.  Manufacturing Order Status Change Issue

    Posted Jan 31, 2019 12:55 PM
    We have an item that was physically made wrong. The manufacturing order(MO) shows the status changed to complete on 1-29-19. After finding the item was made wrong, a user unlinked the MO from the SOP, thinking that he could use the same MO number, and change the item number that it was linked to. After realizing that couldn't be done, he tried to change the status of the MO to complete. We get the error "The status of this manufacturing order couldn't be changed because one or more picklist items have been issued, or a purchase order has been issued for items needed for this manufacturing order."

    What needs to be done, to change the status of this MO number? Do we need to re-link the MO to the SOP? Do I just change the status on the PK010033 and WO010032 tables? I don't want to just change it in SQL, because I know there are a bunch of tables that Manufacturing uses. So what options do we have?

    Chase Landorf
    Director of I.T.
    Ideal Deals, LLC dba Ideal Aluminum Products
    Saint Augustine FL

  • 2.  RE: Manufacturing Order Status Change Issue

    Posted Feb 04, 2019 01:44 PM
    @Chase Landorf what status do you want to change the MO to?​ It sounds like it was already complete.
    Typically it is difficult to change a status on an MO if there has been any activity against it.
    From an inventory stand-point, I would suggest a new MO from SOP and possibly reverse the MO receipt for the original MO to adjust inventory back.

    Aleiha Hanson
    Royal Basket Trucks, Inc - IT Manager
    GPUG Milwaukee WI Chapter Leader

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