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Sales Invoice's Account Distribution and email out to customers

  • 1.  Sales Invoice's Account Distribution and email out to customers

    Posted Jun 06, 2019 03:47 PM

    I am new user of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It's been only 5 months I started working on it. But I know GP is a lot more capable than what we use it for now and we can do wonderful things to improve our efficiency by exploring it more.

    I have few questions related to sales invoices:
    1. Is there any way to pull Sales Invoice's Account Distribution / Distribution Reference through smartlist?
    I created a batch in Sales > Transactions and before posting the entire batch, I want to check if all of the invoices in the batch has right account distribution (GL code). I would like to do it Smartlist, instead of going to each invoice individually and checking its distribution.

    2. I want to set up GP in a way that It should be able to send an invoice copy out to the customer's email address after I made sure everything is correct and invoice is good to go. Where should I include the email id - in customer card or in invoice itself? Is it applicable only to posted invoice? or we can even send invoices before posting? What is required to do to so after creating an invoice/batch?

    Excited to know the answers!

    Thank you GPUG for being there for support!

    Shruti Singhaniya
    Northwest Center
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Sales Invoice's Account Distribution and email out to customers

    Posted Jun 07, 2019 11:28 AM

    In response to your 2nd question, there are several setups you need to have in place before you can email invoices. Once they are in place, you can email both unposted and posted invoices, though unposted is the preferred method. You can email them one at a time or multiple transactions at once. Preparing to email involves being sure your emailing setups and your Word templates are ready to go.

    For the emailing setups, start with the E-Mail Settings and E-Mail Message Setup screens under Administration > Setup > Company. In these screens, you determine which documents you want to enable emailing, create your standard email message and assign your message ID to the right document type.
    Email SetupEmail Message ID Setup

    Next, you need to be sure your customers are setup for emailing. In the customer card, click on the Email button to assign which documents you can email to each customer. There is a way to do this step en masse. You also need to be sure the customer's email address is added to their Customer Maintenance screen (The globe button on the Address ID line for their Bill To Address).
    Customer Emailing setup

    With the emailing setup in place, when you select the customer in the Sales Transaction Entry screen you will see the email buttons become active. If you click on the email button on the Customer ID line, you can see the customer's email address and your standard emailing message. You can edit the email message for the invoice is you need to. Click on the email button on the ribbon to send the invoice. Use your Sales Batches screen or your Navigation Lists to email multiple transactions at one time.
    SOP Trx Emailing fields

    With all this, emailing will not work out if you don't have your Word templates activated and looking right. Many people use the standard GP invoice Word templates, some simply add their logos and some need lots of customization. That is a whole other task and I would recommend you contact your GP Partner to guide you with the e-Mailing setup and making sure your Word template is right for your company.

    Estelle Varner
    Greenwood Village

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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