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BI360 Software - User Reviews

  • 1.  BI360 Software - User Reviews

    Posted Jul 10, 2019 01:37 PM
    Hi GP User Group,

    We're interested in knowing what your thoughts/experience are about BI360?

    Diana Tri
    Senior Accounting Analyst
    The Annenberg Foundation
    Los Angeles CA

  • 2.  RE: BI360 Software - User Reviews

    Posted Jul 11, 2019 02:07 AM


    My company is a BI360 partner so I'm going to answer this as a partner but also provide some feedback from a client.

    BI360, as you know, is a cloud-based application. They do have a Private Host version which can be installed locally but I recommend the cloud solution. The cloud solution is hosted in an Azure environment. Alternatively, a partner could host BI360 for you if you don't want to invest in the server hardware.

    BI360 uses a user-configurable Data Warehouse to store data. It stores data in modules, like General Ledger (summary), General Ledger Detail, Receivables, etc. You can create multiple modules beyond the two GL modules that come with the software. You do need to purchase the Budgeting functionality or packs of modules to get additional modules.

    For reporting, it uses Excel to design reports but the browser for viewing reports. Thus, people who only run and view reports only need to access the website. You do have the ability to publish reports via e-mail, as well.

    Because the reports are designed in Excel, you have the duality of using BI360 to provide the data but Excel for formulas. Compared to Management Reporter, it's much more flexible. For example, it comes with over two dozen period functions instead of the typically-used two period functions (Periodic and YTD) in MR. You also have the ability to use expanding rows so you don't have to create row definitions with dozens or hundreds of rows. You can also have expanding columns so you don't have to create columns to define each period you want.

    For budgeting, the process to design templates is similar to the one to build reports. A budget template is a report that allows data entry. You can create templates such as personnel, capital equipment, and revenue. Budgets can have line item details, comments, and spreading.

    For visualizations, you can use Excel to create charts and graphs based on data in a report. You can also create narrative reports that involve data and visualizations. Additionally, you can integrate with Power BI because BI360 is a data source for Power BI.

    From a client perspective, here's what a client had to say:

    • We have 75+ reports.
    • The Bi360 excel interface alone far exceeds using MR in any capacity.  Bi360 is far more user friendly and the report designer is simple to navigate.   You do not have to use  "trees" & etc. that was necessary in MR to combine/separate our data.  In MR, you had to check and make sure a number of items were what you wanted before running reports.  Bi360 is set up a lot simpler. We are able to build reports a lot quicker and easier, as well as get more reliable results timely.
    • Bi360 allows you combine and manipulate data, as well as pull in data for multiple dates (crossing fiscal years) that was impossible to do efficiently in MR.  Being able to pull real time info from GP in a snap has been very helpful to us.  If management wants specific info quickly (that we may not necessarily have a report for), I can just drop the pieces that they want to see into a blank Bi360 sheet and have the info in a matter of minutes.  Since it's excel, I  can also make specific changes to that data in a snap.  Using MR it would take forever to build a report to pull simple data.  I am also able to find and locate any report errors quickly and easily using excel tools, as opposed to searching line by line within a MR report.

    If you are interested in more information, I have articles on LinkedIn you can peruse as well as webinars at in our Thoughtware section. You can find me on LinkedIn as Charles Allen at BKD.

    Thank you



    Charles Allen

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