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AR Aging Error

  • 1.  AR Aging Error

    Posted 4 days ago
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    Hi - Something in A/R has gone bad.  We had an outstanding invoice in the A/R aging..  We entered a Credit Memo and applied it to the outstanding balance.  Then we re ran the aging and it had the credit showing, even though it had been applied to the invoice.  So the clerk did a debit memo and applied it to the credit memo.  Now the GL does not balance to the A/R aging.  I need to reverse the debit memo to make the client account correct, but that will make the aging wrong.  I ran the reconcile to GL function and received a report that the system let us apply two invoices to one credit memo.  Not sure how this happened and not sure how to fix.​

    Jodi Ellington
    Athens Insurance Services, Inc.
    Concord CA


    AR Error report.pdf   470K 1 version

  • 2.  RE: AR Aging Error

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi @Jodi Ellington

    I don't think you've given us enough information here.

    Essentially, I would VOID the Debit Memo and the Credit Memo - just VOID them in the Sales Module and it will make the  reversing entries in the GL.

    Now you should be back to the Unpaid Invoice.

    Make sure that it is, indeed, unpaid because if you had used the Credit Memo to apply to the invoice you would NOT have been able to apply it to the Debit Memo.

    If it shows that the Invoice is unpaid - use inquiry and drill in to the blue "Amount Remaining" link to see if it actually was applied to something.

    If it WAS Applied, you likely need to just run Reconcile in Utilities to get the summary tables back in sync to report correctly on the reports (such as the trial balance).




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