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HELP! Open Payable Transaction showing as Historical

  • 1.  HELP! Open Payable Transaction showing as Historical

    Posted Aug 20, 2020 01:59 AM
    I could really use some help.  We have an Open invoice, confirmed nothing had been applied to it, and we ran CheckLinks and it turned the invoice into historical.  This invoice does not have any payment or credit applied to it and needs to be paid.  It is showing up on the historical tables.  Is there a way to move it from the historical tables to the open PM20000 table? The historical tables do not show anything for the apply for this transaction.

    I would really like to clean this vendor up and need help with the best course of action.  I would appreciate any assistance.


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    Margo Call
    Great Plains Administrator
    Nueterra Holdings, LLC
    Leawood KS
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  • 2.  RE: HELP! Open Payable Transaction showing as Historical

    Posted Aug 20, 2020 07:27 AM
    Hi @Margo Call,

    I see that you say you ran checklinks, but have you also run reconcile?  Admittedly, I've not seen reconcile move an invoice from history to open, but it doesn't hurt to run reconcile on that one vendor.

    If checklinks and reconcile don't resolve it, you generally have two options:

    1.) Void the invoice and re-enter - this may be the simplest method if it's just one invoice we're talking about.  If your system doesn't allow for duplicate document numbers, you can always append the new invoice with a (.) or something.

    2.) You can move it from history to open using a SQL script, but to do this, you'd first have to identify all the history tables it is actually in (i.e. did it make it to all the correct tables or not).

    Does that make sense?



    Samantha Higdon ,CPA,CGMA
    Lagom, LLC
    Carmel IN

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  • 3.  RE: HELP! Open Payable Transaction showing as Historical

    Posted Aug 20, 2020 07:33 AM
    Hi @Margo Call

    GP would not have moved this invoice to history using CheckLinks unless it found something in the tables to indicate it was previously fully applied to something.  If there is data corruption issues then what you see in the User Interface may not always reflect what is in the GP Tables.   Therefore, I have a few questions:

    1)  Has this invoice previously been 'repaired' in GP tables by anyone?
    2)  Have you had your partner/GP Admin or other consultant review this transaction in the GP Tables to ensure there are no orphaned records in the apply tables?​
    3)  Are there any records at all for Credits or Previous Payments in the Vendor's inquiry that are also not showing in the GP User Interface as applied to an invoice?

    Again, this sounds much more like there are data issues than anything else and before you attempt to manipulate this invoice in the GP Program, I would recommend you have someone carefully analyze the tables to see if there are data issues related to this invoice.

    At that point they can repair it in the tables so that it is accurate in GP and other reporting.



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  • 4.  RE: HELP! Open Payable Transaction showing as Historical

    Posted Aug 20, 2020 09:54 AM
    Hi Margo,

    I've encountered a similar issue before... there was an interruption when a payment was being applied to an invoice (record got "damaged")... invoice outstanding amount ended up as zero, but payment was not processed. Check Links was run and invoice was moved to history (i.e. system thinking invoice was fully applied due to zero outstanding / unapplied amount).

    As the invoice was in history, the Void Open was not usable... (Void Historical is for credit documents)...

    It ended as a data fixing activity*... moving the transaction from the History tables... back to the Open tables.
    * Please contact your partner.


    On a side note, if you have a test company (and if the invoice was not from Purchase Order Processing), you can probably experiment with the Remove Transaction History (MDGP >> Tools >> Utilities >> Purchasing)... though this will only remove the records on the Payables side (i.e. does not update General Ledger / Purchase Order Processing; also, there is no audit trail for this unlike void). If successful, you will need to make an adjustment in GL (to reverse the original invoice), then re-enter your invoice.

    Ryan Galang
    BTP Technologies LLC

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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