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Manufacturing and Router Machine Cost sp

  • 1.  Manufacturing and Router Machine Cost sp

    Posted 23 days ago

    I have a customer that wants to use Machine Costs on their Routers where the Machine Cost is setup as a Per Hour Rate.  On the Router we have 1 Step which only has Machine Time of .5 (for costing) and Queue Time of .5 (for scheduling).  The default setup in GP takes the Machine Time and multiplies it by the Number of Pieces on the MO.  I want to update the SP that does this calculation to calculate the Machine Cost as .5 Machine Hours x Machine Hourly Rate and disregard the number of pieces being produced.

    Does anyone know what sp is calculating the MO Costs which when an MO is Released populate the MO Variance window (table WO010032), I suspect that I'll also need to update whatever sp is grabbing costs for potential WIP and most importantly Receiving and Closing.  The Machine Costs are set to Backflush.

    Yes I know I can use the Setup Labor bucket but the client wants the cost to be in the correct bucket on the MO Variance window (Machine) so using the Setup Labor bucket/coding isn't ideal but I do realize that will work so more importantly I'm looking for the sp's or another resolution that will do the Math for Machine Costs based on the Routing Step Machine Hours x Machine Hourly Rate and if the Machine is setup to use Per Piece Cost to then calculate Machine Costs as Nbr of Pieces x Machine Per Piece Cost.

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Wally Dodds
    Dorado Solutions
    West Chester PA

  • 2.  RE: Manufacturing and Router Machine Cost sp

    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi Wally,
    I'm not particular knowledgeable about MO routing and Machine / Labour costs, but @Fred Hartman might be able to help out.. or at least suggest another route to tackle this challenge. ​

    Beat Bucher
    Business Analyst, Dynamics GP SME
    Montreal QC/Canada
    Montreal QC GPUG Chapter Leader
    MBS MVP (2015-2018)
    All-Star 2013


  • 3.  RE: Manufacturing and Router Machine Cost sp

    Posted 17 days ago
    There are 2 ways to set this up. One way is a machine rate per hour and the other is a percentage of labor. We did both one for variable and one for fixed expense distributions. They both worked fine. If you need further help though Fred is the man with the plan. His email is His phone is 302-479-5068.

    Jeff Strait
    Ideal Deals, LLC dba Ideal Aluminum Products
    St. Augustine FL


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