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Template not updating...

  • 1.  Template not updating...

    Posted Feb 12, 2020 11:12 PM
    OK, I've tried several methods to update a template.

    I have a word template.  It has a couple of small problems and the client wants a different field and a calculation that says if the user field is blank default to blah blah...  So I update the report in Report writer...

    I get it looking how we want it...

    Then I export the xml
    Go to reports, template maintenance, choose the template I want to edit, and click modify to open in Word.
         (I have also tried to unset the template as default before attempting to modify)
    Once in Word I click on the developer tab, and add source
         (I have also removed sources prior to adding)
    Make the adjustments by deleting the fields that I want to update then dragging and dropping the items I want into the correct locations...
    Save (I have saved directly over, I have saved as a new version number)
    Go back to GP reset default (or import the new version and set as default)
    Go to sales transactions pull up the quote, and print to screen.

    Here's what I keep getting... Nothing is populating in the user defined Sales person ID field (oops up above I circled the wrong field),  Nothing is showing in my FOB field, and the decimal structure is gone in the two price fields...

    What am I missing?  I'm sure it's something simple... but ugh!  It's killing me!




    Justin Ross
    TD Carpenter & Associates, Inc.
    Sarasota FL
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Template not updating...

    Posted Feb 13, 2020 08:22 AM

    Hello, Justin.

    Templates are tricky, aren't they?
    The way I do it is slightly different but always works.  I am assuming I am starting from scratch here.  I will use the SOP Blank Invoice form as an example.
    1. Modify the SOP Blank Invoice Form report in report writer (as you have done)
    2. Go over to Report Template Maintenance and select the modified report (SOP Blank Invoice Form (Modified)
    3. Create a New Template based on the default Template. I tend to name it with the company ID at the end.
    4. Select the newly created template and click Modify
    5. Edit the report in Word.
    6. When done, Save the file in word.  I tend to keep versions so I save it with the "version" name but also with the exact original name, because you will need the exact original name to import it back and replace the original template created on (3) above.
    7. Once saved, go back to Report Template Maintenance in GP and Click the plus sign button ("+"). Select the template with the same name as the template in GP and let it replace the one in GP.

    Whenever you want to modify the template, I simply export repeat steps 4-7.

    Also, you can add fields and vba to the report writer report and it will work for templates as well, which is a great thing.

    Hope it helps!

    Thomas Garcia
    ICON Business Consulting, LLC | Miami FL
    ICON, SRL | Santiago, Dominican Republic

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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