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Printing Numbered Blank Checks

  • 1.  Printing Numbered Blank Checks

    Posted 24 days ago
    Good morning!
    In preparing for worst case scenarios during this pandemic, we are exploring all of our options to continue business as close to normal as possible. I'm wondering if there is a way to print off numbered checks in GP (in effect they would be like starter checks) ahead of time that I could secure in the office so the Controller or VP of Finance could fill in if needed and sign. I would then enter them in as manual payments when I return. Taking the printer home to process AP checks is not an option since it is shared with Payroll.
    I'd love to hear, what is everyone else doing?

    Sherry Ballard
    Houghton NY

  • 2.  RE: Printing Numbered Blank Checks

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi @Sherry Ballard

    I do not know of a way to accomplish this, but is there any possibility to work with your vendors to enable you to pay via EFT through GP?​  That way you don't have too many checks to print.

    Also, you may want to work with your bank to order some pre-printed/numbered check stock if these need to be hand-written.



  • 3.  RE: Printing Numbered Blank Checks

    Posted 22 days ago

    Our Mekorma Payment Hub product (formerly Mekorma MICR) has this capability. If you are an existing Mekorma customer, please contact or you can access our portal directly at - registration required - to open a case so we can assist you. If you are not an existing Mekorma customer, please feel free to contact our Sales team at and we can sure get you going in the right direction.

    We also offer remote payment approval options via a mobile application for additional convenience. Please visit and click under Products to view our offerings.

    Mariano Gomez, MVP, Dynamics Credentialed Professional
    Director of Technology

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