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How to Run Prenotes??

  • 1.  How to Run Prenotes??

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hello All,

    We are at the very beginning steps of transitioning to EFT payments to our AP Vendors. I have many questions and appreciate everyone's time!
    I have communicated with our bank and I have started setting up our checkbook with our EFT information. From there I went to the  Payables Options and created my file format (Nacha File).

    1. Should  I select the Payables Prenote Required Option?
    2. If yes, what do I put for the Prenote Grace Period?

    We are gathering 5 vendor's EFT information.

    3. Once I receive their information and add it to their vendor card, how do I initiate the prenote?
    4. After I run the prenote for my 5 new vendors and go live, how do I issue a prenote for new vendors? Do I have to run a prenote after entering each new vendor, or would I be able create a batch?
    5. Some vendors are still going to want a paper check sent to them. When I run my select checks how do I separate my EFTs from my paper AP checks?
    7.Once a prenote is issued, and there are no errors, will I then have to go into that vendor and make them active?

    Thank you!

    Amanda Pezewski
    Prevea Health, Inc.
    Green Bay WI
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  • 2.  RE: How to Run Prenotes??

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi Amanda,

    Banks use prenotes to verify the accuracy of account data, such as routing numbers and account numbers.   If you mark it required, that means you must generate prenotes for your newly added Vendor before you can proceed with your payment process in GP.  It will prompt you a message to generate prenotes.

    To generat Prenotes, please go to Financial >> Checkbook (select your checkbook) >> EFT Bank >> Payables Options >> Generate Prenotes.  The file will be generated based on your specified location.  Since you are new in EFT, I recommend to mark Payables Prenote Required.
    1. At ARC we no longer require Prenotes.

      How do I separate my EFTs from my paper AP checks?  When you select a Computer Check batch, you will mark the option "Check" or "EFT".

      Below is my webinar recording, I hope you find it helpful.
    2. New to GP: Accounts Payable Part 1 

      New to GP: Accounts Payable Part 2 – EFT and SafePay (March 2019)

    Cecile Dinh
    GP Admin at ARC (Airlines Reporting Corp.)
    GPUG Chapter Leader - Washington, D. C.

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  • 3.  RE: How to Run Prenotes??

    Posted 7 days ago
    Does anyone have any guidance on prenotes for payroll? When you've created your prenote files for payroll, have you been able to figure out how to include that auto-settle line at the bottom of the batch? It does not look like GP can automatically do that for a prenote file, only for an active payroll file and we are having to enter it manually. Any ideas?


    Susan Dickerson
    Southern Environmental Law Center
    Charlottesville VA

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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