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Manufacturing BOM's and Inventory BOM's

  • 1.  Manufacturing BOM's and Inventory BOM's

    Posted Feb 05, 2019 01:37 PM
    We are using the manufacturing module in GP and have set up many manufacturing BOM's for the acrylic pieces we have produced, received into GP and billed to our customers.  We also provide fulfillment services that sometimes require items to be added to our displays, along with graphics, other printed materials.  Sometimes, we outsource metal and wood displays where our acrylic part is only a small part of the overall display.  Right now, we are simply adding a line item for each part or piece that is not ours on the order.  It seems like it would be better to set up an inventory BOM to include the other components (or perhaps other Inventory BOM's nested under it ) in order to better organize all of the various parts, etc.on the order. I know we could nest BOM's under manufacturing, but the person entering the order and putting together the project is not in this department.  Plus we sometimes have projects that we put together where we outsource everything, so entering them in manufacturing doesn't seem to be the best option.  I have also read on this forum that SalesPad can make this easier as well, but we have only used it for order entry and sales so far.  What is the best way to enter these types of orders in GP (or SalesPad) to make things easier for our sales, purchasing and fulfillment divisions?

    Russ Fuchs
    Instore Design Display
    Kansas City MO

  • 2.  RE: Manufacturing BOM's and Inventory BOM's

    Posted Feb 06, 2019 08:12 AM
    Hi Russ,

    SalesPad offers a couple of options to do what you want.

    First the Item Configurator which is bundled with the basic license allows the user to interactively select all the options to be included in the order at order entry.  This can be made as user friendly as you wish with a clear structure including labels, text, automatic branching conditions and of course items, including 'Per' quantity and 'Fixed' quantity, that will automatically be included in the order as the user selects them.

    The other more advanced function, which requires an extra license (not expensive I believe) is the Configurator which works as well with GP's Assembly (part of the standard SalesPad license) as well as Mfg BOM's (which requires an additional SalesPad Mfg license)  and will create these BOM's interactively as the user is making their selection and with proper security can even create the Manufacturing Order.

    I recommend you dig deeper into your SalesPad license.  This software is a gem.

    Wassim Rahme
    Consulting Manager
    St Colomban QC

  • 3.  RE: Manufacturing BOM's and Inventory BOM's

    Posted Feb 06, 2019 09:13 AM
    Hi Russ,

    Another option you may consider is Experlogix ( You set it up with options and rules and it will create any new items and build a config bom automatically in GP.   The parts we make/sell are very configurable, some with over 100,000 configurations and Experlogix handles it for us.

    If you have any questions about, I'd be happy to explain.

    Good Luck!

    John Arnold
    Senior Software Engineer
    US Digital
    Vancouver WA

  • 4.  RE: Manufacturing BOM's and Inventory BOM's

    Posted Feb 07, 2019 02:40 PM
    ​For all things Manufacturing, I'd suggest contacting @Sunny Mattoon.  She helped us get our manufacturing environment set up from start to finish and is conversant not only with GP but the available third party options.  She would be a great resource!​​

    Blair Christensen
    Database Administrator
    Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.
    Boise ID

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