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Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

  • 1.  Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 11, 2019 02:15 PM

    Looking for recommendations for GP Consultants to help with implementing Manufacturing and MRP.  We currently use Manufacturing, but only basic functionality.  Looking for a team that is great with Integrations with other systems as we use SalesPad for Order Entry and WithoutWire as our Warehouse Management System.  Both systems have customization that need to be considered when implementing new processes.  If anyone has had a great experience with a consultant for these implementations, I would appreciate the recommendation.

    Thank You!

    Carrie Bakker
    Key Surgical LLC
    Eden Prairie MN

  • 2.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 09:04 AM
    Without a doubt the best is Fred Hartman.
    Here is his email.

    Fred Hartman <>

    Jeff Strait
    Ideal Deals, LLC dba Ideal Aluminum Products
    St. Augustine FL


  • 3.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 09:20 AM
    We are in a similar situation, where MRP was something that has been mostly left untouched. We have been working with Frank Buckley ( He has been very helpful in both addressing short term or immediate needs with a focus on the longer term goal of getting MRP fully up and running. Please share any future progress you may have!

    Good Luck!

    Nick Pescosolido
    Empire Industries, Inc.
    Manchester CT


  • 4.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 09:28 AM
    Hi @Carrie Bakker

    I would highly recommend the GP team at Heartland Business Systems.  Most of their clients are Manufacturing and they have some crazy talented individuals on their GP team that round out the other items you need surrounding integrations with other systems.

    HBS is another GP Partner and not an independent consultant, but they ARE the best overall for Manufacturing, that I, personally, know of.  That said, I don't know everyone out there!

    Perhaps @Al Schuette​​ who is with the Heartland Team can get you further information!




  • 5.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 09:31 AM
    Finding the right consultant with manufacturing experience and add on products can be a challenge.  My first recommendation is to ask the other ISVs who'd they'd recommend that is familiar with their solutions and manufacturing.

    I also know a lot of folks who have years of experience.  If you want to reach out to me - I have some additional questions to help you with direction.  I'm not a partner - I don't sell a thing.  But I can help you with ISV solutions directions.

    Kim Peterson


  • 6.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 11:54 AM
    We have had success with Manufacturing Resource Partners, LLC.  Here's Don Kapuscinski's contact info and the web page for the company.,   858-437-2080

    Keith Paul
    VP Business Management Systems
    UNICOM Engineering, Inc.
    Plano TX


  • 7.  RE: Manufacturing and MRP Consultant Referrals Needed

    Posted Sep 16, 2019 01:39 PM
    @Carrie Bakker as a fellow manufacturing user, who is also in the process of implementing MRP (ugh...), I second Jo's recommendation of @Al Schuette at Heartland. He is also working with us on our project and has been a great advocate. There is additional staff such as @Carol Kossoris on their team that has a great knowledge of manufacturing to support you day-to-day and work with you on manufacturing projects.

    The others mentioned such as Wally and Dan are great as well! @Sunny Mattoon is an excellent resource, and she is an Academy instructor. If you have time available, and are attending Summit, I highly recommend her manufacturing classes! ​​​​​​​

    Aleiha Hanson
    Royal Basket Trucks, Inc - IT Manager
    GPUG Milwaukee WI Chapter Leader


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