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  • 1.  VAR

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 10:59 AM
    How could I find out if a VAR is ligit?

    Dave Misiura
    W.A. Cleary Corp
    Somerset NJ

  • 2.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 12:13 PM
    Hi @Dave Misiura,

    Ask them for a list of a few current clients​, preferably local to you, and contact them to ask about their experience with said VAR.

    Frank Heslin
    Financial Systems Administrator
    ExamWorks, Inc.
    Atlanta GA

    GPUG Advisory Committee Member
    Summit Track Leader
    GPUG All Star 2016

    MR CU16

  • 3.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 01:53 PM
    Hi @Dave Misiura

    You can also ask them for the MPN and MSB numbers from Microsoft.

    Ask them for some references as well.

    Unfortunately, in the Partner community there are great partners, good partners and partners who have a better sales team than consulting team.

    I am a partner, but too small to hold clients, so I subcontract, but I do know of some great partners... I also unfortunately know some bad ones to work with as well.

    Good luck on your search, but if you have questions in the end you can also call Microsoft.

    Jo deRuiter, MCP, DCP
    "That GP Red Head"
    770-906-4504 (Cell)


  • 4.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 04:35 PM

    My advice in picking a partner:
    Get to know the consultants that you'd be working with. If you don't trust them or they won't fit with your team you are going to have problems. People solve business problems, not software.

    Most good partners are active in the GPUG community in some way, I'd check that as well.

    Every partner has strengths and weaknesses, so find out what they are best at. A few questions:
    - If you need more IT assistance vs accounting
    - have high turnover and need recurring training
    - what are your business aspirations.  Are you growing? adding new business ventures? going international?
    - Do you want to be on the leading edge of technology?
    - Do you want to outsource to your partner or really do things on your own.

    The right choice of partner could be different based on how you answer those questions. If they can't talk to these topics, they totally aren't legit.


    Pam Misialek
    Director of Cloud Applications
    Fargo ND

  • 5.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 06:25 PM
    This is a good topic - as a former end user, I can relate - it's a tough but important decision.  I think the others advice is very good, and I will either re-say or add to it here.

    Disclaimer: I am a consultant and work for a VAR - I picked my company for the same reasons I would pick them as a VAR if I was a customer.

    A VAR (partner) should be your expert resource... not just someone who sells you something...

    Are they forward thinking?  This is easy to see when you talk to them about certain points - particularly, staying current with Microsoft's agenda (cloud first, mobile first).
    Are they really experts?  Do they give AND GET training?
    References... check them... check more than 1.
    Do they support/encourage new technologies internally?

    Also, remember, you are never 'stuck' with a VAR - if you feel stuck, talk to them... keep an open dialogue.... let them know what your challenges are - if they can't help... change VAR's - don't stay stuck!... the most important part of using an ERP is ROI... and your partner/VAR should be someone you can rely on to help make sure that you keep increasing your ROI... not just once 5 years ago... but each year, and every year.

    @Dave Misiura - what do you mean by 'legit'?  Share your thoughts/concerns and this community can give advice on how you can find those answers... or at least try :)

    Shawn Dorward, MVP
    Dynamics GP Practice Lead
    Microsoft MVP, Business Applications
    Twitter: @ShawnMDorward
    InterDyn Artis


  • 6.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 08:40 AM
    Hi Dave Misiura,

    I am somewhat new with the GP community and I will say that using the feedback from the users in this group has been very helpful and they will steer you right. I have had a few conversations with them and everyone has helped me, thank you Jo and Chris.

    What I am trying to say is, we are all here to help one another.

    Good luck and thank you all in GPUG for your support with our questions and your helpful replies/solutions.

    Felix Cartagena
    Pinnacle textile
    King of prussia PA

  • 7.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 08:58 AM

    We were fortunate that our CFO did his research before picking our VAR, and as others have said in this thread, continues to investigate new options and solutions with our VAR as well as research on his own.  One of the important considerations is insuring our VAR understood our business and could recommend and guide us to effective add-ons and processes.  Good luck!​

    Kathleen Bauer
    Ohio Shared Information Systems
    Cincinnati OH

  • 8.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 09:06 AM
    I agree with everyone here.  I like to see it like a job interview - key are) -
    1. who will you be working with - speak to them if you can before.
    2. what are the services they offer you to keep you informed and further educated on GP
    3. How involved are they in GPUG
    4. what are their billing practices (no one whats to be charged for just speaking to someone)

    I'm not a partner of Microsoft - but with over 36 years in this space - you are always welcome to reach out to me to discuss.  I think I know 90% of partners and have worked with most.  I have nothing to gain in helping you - other than to feel good about my motto:  Givers Gain!

    Kim Peterson

  • 9.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 09:40 AM
    Caveat Emptor!

    A VAR sells software and takes a commission particularly if they can load on some third party software. Any and all VARS can sell you software!
    A Consultant implements software (they may or may not work for a VAR) into your business.

    As a manufacturer (Dynamics GP has Manufacturing) you can buy the software from anyone but.....

    Only maybe 5% of all VARS and Consultants can implement Dynamics GP Manufacturing even though 100% will willingly sell it to you.

    But in Manufacturing there are two types of Manufacturers.
    Manufacturers either make widgets or they make goop.

    Huge difference between making widgets and making goop.

    Now of the 5% that can implement Dynamics GP Manufacturing 90% of those can only do it for widgets. and maybe only 10% of the 5% can do it for goop.

    So now depending on your needs you are in a very small fraction of the universe.

    Do you make widgets or goop?
    Goop is different and requires different expertise.

    So your focus is not really in selecting a VAR (any VAR will do) but in selecting a consultant(s) who will implement the product in your business. Who may or may not work for a VAR.

    But do they know goop? Have they implemented recipes? Do they know how to backflush inventory? It goes on and on.

    The more specialized your requirements the broader you may need to look.
    Its also nice that they might know a debit from a credit and that may be all you  need to implement GL, AP and AR. But when you get into advanced distribution, manufacturing, and projects with Web client Time and Expenses and PO routing the choices dwindle fast.

    Thaddeus Suter
    Retus, Inc

  • 10.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 10:43 AM
    Attend a local GPUG chapter meeting and talk to members about their experience with their partners.

    Lou Spevack
    Systems Accountant | Dynamics Credentialed Professional
    American Council on Education
    Washington DC

  • 11.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 02:48 PM
    I like Thaddeus answer and believe his statistics may be correct.  I personally have worked for a number of years as subcontractor to several VAR's who were able to sell the Manufacturing suite but not able to implement it.

    I have to disagree though with the idea that you can judge a good consultant from their references or from interviewing them.  Unfortunateley both can be severely misleading and you typically are not given the opportunity, even if you have the time for it, to do the necessary intensive research to reach a fairley accurate conclusion.  The only thing that I saw worked was just a gut feeling followed by trial and error until you stumble on a good consultant and then you'll keep them for life, cause they are so rare.

    Wassim Rahme
    Consulting Manager
    mirabel QC

  • 12.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 11:47 AM
    Dave   @Dave Misiura,

    I'd echo the comments from above.   As an MS VAR who has taken over many troubled sites, we know that there are organizations that necessarily take the best care of their customers.   I'd also suggest going by your gut, if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

    Michael Gummel
    Prod Engineer
    Paradigm Technology Consulting
    Allentown NJ

  • 13.  RE: VAR

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 11:14 AM
    Microsoft owns a useful tool for researching companies - LinkedIn. From it you can find out things like a company's number of employees, locations, the level of education and experience (to some degree) of their employees. If you're clever you can get a sense of other helpful info like how many times that company has changed ownership, employee longevity vs turnover rates, etc... I don't know if any of this necessarily equates to legitimacy but provides some independent insight that will allow you to ask the important questions.

    Dan Johnson
    Vice President
    Tewksbury MA

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