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Average Days in Inventory

  • 1.  Average Days in Inventory

    Posted 11 days ago
    Is there a report in GP2013 that will give me average days in inventory by item?  It would also be nice to know how long we have carried an item.

    Colan Witt
    Accounting Manager
    Pheasants Forever, Inc.
    St. Paul MN

  • 2.  RE: Average Days in Inventory

    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by Sandeep C 6 days ago
    Hi @Colan Witt

    Not sure if GP has anything built-in, but you could probably run something base on the SQL you may wanna check (SQL Script). You can modify the script to Calculate Avg Days.

    Sandeep C
    Chase Petroleum Services
    Artesia NM

  • 3.  RE: Average Days in Inventory

    Posted 6 days ago

    I think a better start to calculating the average days on hand would be to start with the following SQL script by Mahmoud.  You can find the SQL script here.  This SQL script will give you all of your open cost layer with the days on hand for each layer. You could easily put this data into a pivot table to average the days by inventory item.  One gotcha with the SQL script, it only provides the most recent receipt date of the inventory item so if you have a lot of inventory item movements between sites then the calculation of total days on hand won't be accurate.

    Barry Crowell
    Senior Business Consultant
    KTL Solutions, Inc
    Frederick MD