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GP Purchasing and Reqlogic

  • 1.  GP Purchasing and Reqlogic

    Posted 9 days ago
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    Hi.  We are in the process of beginning to use Reqlogic with our Sales / Purchasing module in GP.  In Reqlogic, fields are pulling/sending to GP.  One field is called Purchase Type.  Right now it has 3 options, NON INVENTORY, INVENTORY, PROJECT.  We want it only to be NON INVENTORY.  Our ReqLogic person, says this pulls in from GP and I have to go into GP Purchasing area, and either delete or inactivate the 2 we don't want to use.

    However, I can't find it.  Does anyone have an idea to where these field resides in GP?  Here is a screen shot in ReqLogic.  I have also attached a full screen shot in ReqLogic.

    Thanks in advance.
    Reqlogic Purchasing Type

    Danita Simon
    Senior Accountant
    Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Detroit MI


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  • 2.  RE: GP Purchasing and Reqlogic

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi @Danita Simon

    You can't find it because there is no setting like that in GP.

    In GP Purchasing you CAN have inventory, non-inventory or Project, but there is no where you can 'turn off' the use of these areas.

    Caveat:  You may be able to unregister inventory and Project (if you have those modules registered) but I would HIGHLY advise against that until it is thoroughly tested and even then I'm not sure it can be done safely (except the project one) because you need to setup sites in inventory even if you are not using the inventory module.

    Jo deRuiter
    Aisling Dynamics Consulting, LLC
    ERP Practice Manager
    Alpharetta, GA

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