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    Posted Jun 02, 2021 10:26 AM
    We currently use an on-Prem Dynamics GP #GP2018and2018R2. We are looking to interface to a Bill Pay platform that allows our vendors to select the method of payment (ACH, e-Check or Paper Check). We are looking for a two-way interface from our on-Prem Dynamics GP system to the Bill Pay system. We are also looking for the Bill Pay platform to support a workflow to require two "check signers" to approve a payment.

    Any suggestions on products we should be looking into?​

    David Shapiro
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    Barron Collier Partnership
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  • 2.  RE: Bill Pay Platform

    Posted Jun 02, 2021 10:45 AM
    Hi @David Shapiro

    There are a ton of them right now, is pretty good.  I won't give you too many recommendations, but I will say you should ensure you ask ALL of the questions needed when finding something that integrates with GP.

    1) What is the basis of their integration?  If it is not eConnect then they may be suspect, so have your GP Partner on the line to ask the questions on how the app both reads the GP tables and writes to them
    2) Do you need it to interface with AP or with Purchase Invoices, this is a big factor
    3) Do you need it to pull custom information such as a Project Number and Cost Code or a Job Number from Key2Act, etc.  A lot of them don't do this without customizations
    4) Do you have tons of rules around coding the AP Account, such as multiple AP Accounts?  Many of them do not handle that
    5) Make sure Document Capture is going as well as the workflow you require - most of them have pretty decent work-flow rules around approvals AND signatures.

    These are just the few that are occurring to me right now, but there may be many more questions you need to ask before even watching a demo of the product.​

    Jo deRuiter
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