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Fixed Assets and Analytical Accounting

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    Posted Sep 12, 2019 04:06 PM
    Back in 2016 I saw a post from @Reginald Yarn and he was asking about whether FA and AA will work together. I am now looking for more information about using AA with FA. Reginald, are you still actively using GP with AA and FA? I would be interested in knowing how it is working out for you. Did you find that the setup was reasonable? What about reporting afterward? 

    I am looking to create a report that breaks down Assets by Classification (F&F, Land, Bldgs) and then Business Line and then Location on a balance sheet. I have heard the AA makes MR reporting more difficult and I am not looking to add a ton of complexity just to be able to break down this one section of the Balance sheet. The other option will be to just create new GL accounts for each combination, which may add 3-400 new accounts. But then it is setup and done. Easy Peasy on the MR front!

    If you are using (or used to use) FA with AA and MR I would like to hear from you. PM me if you want and we can set up a time to talk - or just post your thoughts here.

    Thanks in advance!


    Barbara Gavron
    Atlantic Beach / Jacksonville FL
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