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Currency ID Note

  • 1.  Currency ID Note

    Posted 8 days ago
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    ​​Hi there,
    We had someone make a JE and attach a note onto the Currency ID - now the note goes onto all entries in that currency and the note should have attached the to JE #.  She has gone in to delete the attachment.  The attachment in the note is deleted but the currency ID still is showing the note.

    How do we remove this?

    Pat Plett
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    Steve's Livestock Transport
    Blumenort MB


    Note - Currency ID.docx   48K 1 version
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  • 2.  RE: Currency ID Note

    Posted 7 days ago
    @Pat Plett

    If you want to attach a note to the Journal Entry, you need to use the note Icon next to the Journal Entry number.

    Adding a note to the Currency ID will put that note everywhere the currency is used.

    Can we confirm if we are talking about notes (just text in the window that opens) or OLE attachments, embedded files attached with the paperclip icon?

    Sounds like you will need to delete the attachments by removing them from the OLE container and then delete the note itself.



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