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Modifying an Account String in GP

  • 1.  Modifying an Account String in GP

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 12:56 PM
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    Version: GP 2016

    Trying to modify a GP account string.
    When I enter the account string, I receive the following message:
    "This account is not a posting account"

    How do I determine that the account string is not a posting account and how do I change it to a posting account?

    Peter Picazio
    Financial Systems Administrator
    Planet Fitness
    Hampton NH


  • 2.  RE: Modifying an Account String in GP

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 03:40 PM
    @Peter Picazio

    I would open up the Unit Account Maintenance window and see if that account is a unit account. If it is the only way to make it a posting account would be to delete it (however you will not be able to do that if there is history in the account). Then recreate it as a posting account.

    What is this account used for would be a good question as to what type of account it should be.​

    Bert Green
    GP Developer/GP Administrator
    Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.
    Saint Paul MN
    GP2015/MR CU11
    GPUG All Star 2017

  • 3.  RE: Modifying an Account String in GP

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 05:51 PM
    Hi Peter,

    You can check the account type (ACCTTYPE) value of the account in GL00100... (see values below).
    You can also do an inner join on GL00105 so that you can make use of the account number string (ACTNUMST).

    1 = Posting Account
    2 = Unit Account
    3 = Posting Allocation Account
    4 = Unit Allocation Account

    Alternatively, you can also make use of "Accounts" SmartList.

    Ryan Galang
    BTP Technologies LLC
    Chantilly VA

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