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GP vs 365

  • 1.  GP vs 365

    Posted 14 days ago

    We are approaching an upgrade and the idea of moving from Dynamics GP on premise solution to cloud based (I am assuming this would be Dynamics 365) has been brought up. Has anyone done this? What is your experience?

    Lame' Durst
    Bessemer AL
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  • 2.  RE: GP vs 365

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi @Lame' Durst

    Just put your Dynamics GP system to the latest version and place it into the cloud, or use a cloud service provider if you really must

    Have you explored the pros and cons of on-premise vs cloud? Do you really need cloud? Do you have 100% reliable internet connectivity?

    Why go through the pain and expense of changing ERP when there are many ways to use GP in the cloud.

    Have a read of my article.

    If you find that GP (and its ISV community) cannot do what you want and D365 can, just be away that this would be a new implementation as there is no a direct migration path. Some data can be imported, but the systems are completely different.

    I am not being negative to D365, just saying if it ain't broke don't fix it.



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  • 3.  RE: GP vs 365

    Posted 13 days ago
    I applaud you for beginning the process of due diligence.  Upgrading your accounting system is a big deal and should be taken seriously.  Even more serious is any talk of changing to another product.  It is rare that people actually map out all their processes and the process changes necessary to make an accounting system change smooth.  I've heard of numerous horror stories where people went all in on changing systems and were still fighting those changes years later and regretting their decision.

    I'd suggest searching this forum for others answers to this question.  A few key ones:
    1) Dynamics 365 is NOT an upgrade from Dynamics GP.  It is a separate accounting system altogether.  There is no upgrade path to D365 and no software provided to make that change because the two are nothing alike.  D365 may meet your needs but don't let the sales people tell you it is an upgrade.
    2) The choice to go cloud-based vs on-prem is going to depend a LOT on what functionality you currently use and where your pain points are.  Moving to the cloud just introduces different challenges than being on-prem.  One big consideration is the bandwidth necessary to use a web-based platform and the stability of that connection.

    My suggestion?  Set up a test environment for any product you want to test.  Most vendors will assist you in trying out their product for a minimal or no fee.  Use this to compare your existing environment against a possible replacement.  Take the time to identify your key processes and figure out how to do those in the new software before ever agreeing to make the switch.  The last thing you want is to blow a bunch of money and time only to find out that the new product has to be customized, etc. to support critical functionality and you're nonfunctional while that is happening.

    Also understand that accounting systems are based on processes and your processes will necessarily change if you switch to a new accounting system.  That makes it critical to identify how much of a change is involved.

    The last one (which is a major consideration for us) is getting new data in and existing data out of your current system.  Do you use integrations?  Maybe use a bank portal or ACH system?  Third-party payroll?  Keep in mind that all of these will have to be completely re-engineered so make sure that you plan for that.  And don't forget your reporting, as ALL of that will have to be redone.

    This isn't a decision to rush into.  This is something which requires careful exploration, planning, and decision-making.  Take your time and make sure you triple-check and be sure you've covered everything before you pull that lever.

    Blair Christensen
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    Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.
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  • 4.  RE: GP vs 365

    Posted 12 days ago
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    Microsoft is offering a program where you can run BC 365 along side GP through your enhancement plan. Check out the slide deck if you are interested.

    Denise McCaughan
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    Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue District
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