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AP Automation for Drop Shipments

  • 1.  AP Automation for Drop Shipments

    Posted 7 days ago

    We are in the process of working with Dynamics GP 3rd vendors to automate our AP process to be able to receive PO's and match them with the vendor invoices electronically. The automation includes creating a receiving/match in GP automatically.  Our issue comes into play with drop shipments, which are the majority of our transactions. Many of our items in GP are set to track serial and/or lot numbers. The 3rd party solutions we have found are unable to receive the serial or lot numbers in GP for drop shipment transactions.  As a result, we would need to go back and forth from the 3rd party software to GP.  We have looked at these products - PaperSave, ChromeRiver, KwikTag and Metaviewer.

     Has anyone else ran into this issue and found an acceptable solution?

    Nicky Schmidt
    IT Business Analyst
    Rogers MN
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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