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Workers Compensation Ohio reports

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    Posted Jul 08, 2019 06:14 PM
    I'm having trouble figuring out how to get a Worker's Compensation report for Ohio. Ideally it would look something like this:
    EE Code BWC code BWC rate Gross wages Section 125 deductions Excludable Wages BWC wages BWC payment
    Though if I could at least get the first 5 columns I could set up formulas in Excel to get the rest of it if I had to.

    Even if I could get the Section 125 deductions spelled out rather than subtotaled that would work. (Something like this:
    EE Code BWC code BWC rate Gross Wages Med Ins 1 Med Ins 2 Dental 1 HSA1 Vision 1
    ) that could also work.

    I can't use the standard BWC set up in GP, because it only offers Percent of Gross, Fixed Amount, Number of Hours/Units, or Days Worked; none of which are correct for Ohio (or any of our other states).

    I've been playing with the earnings codes, and I can set up an earnings code to include the gross pay, exclude reimbursements etc, and be reduced by the medical etc deductions, but that doesn't seem to relate to anything that I can use (it seems like it is only for calculating deductions, which I have used for garnishments or so on, but BWC is not a deduction to the employee).

    I can get various reports that show the total of the employee's pay and deductions. I can get the monthly gross pay for each employee. I can get specific deductions for each employee. I just can't seem to get a combination of the above - gross pay and selected deductions.

    How do other companies in Ohio do it? (We actually have both an Ohio and a multi-state policy, and have to run payroll for four states, some of which is split by mileage percents for our drivers, but I figure if I can get the above report that's a good start because all of the states run on the same wage base.


    Vanessa Halacsy
    Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.
    Wooster OH

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