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Extender Issue within Receivables

  • 1.  Extender Issue within Receivables

    Posted 24 days ago

    I am encountering an issue where information in extender is crossing transactions.

    This occurs when two users are entering in two entirely different transactions. When prompted to enter in the appropriate information within extender,​ they enter in the information and select okay and move on to the next.

    The issue arises when I run a report and see that one of those transactions has two lines of extender data and the other one has none. Digging deeper, one of those lines of data matches and belongs to the transaction with no extender data. Both of these transactions have sequential numbers i.e. one is transaction: 101 and then next one is Transaction: 102.

    What is going on to cause this issue and how can we solve this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Muhammad Akoojee
    Houston TX

  • 2.  RE: Extender Issue within Receivables

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi @Muhammad Akoojee

    This sounds like an issue you should take to eOne who writes the Extender product.

    Try sending an email to   They are usually highly responsive to help questions.

    Kindest Regards,
    Jo deRuiter , MCP, DCP
    "That GP Red Head"
    GPUG Academy Instructor
    Dynamics GP Credentialing Council-Vice Chair
    770-906-4504 (Cell)


  • 3.  RE: Extender Issue within Receivables

    Posted 24 days ago

    I am wondering what version of Extender you are using.  We did have an issue with this a few versions ago.  In looking up the Problem Report, it was fixed in GP 2015 build 14.00.0312 and GP 2016 build 16.00.0028.  So, if you are using GP 2015 or GP 2016, I  would recommend updating your version of Extender.  If you are using something earlier, I unfortunately do not have a fix.  It also should be fixed in the original release of 2018.

    You can download the latest build of the appropriate version of Extender based on your Microsoft Dynamics GP release here:

    Let us know if updating doesn't resolve it or if you have any other questions.


    Nicole Albertson
    Product Manager
    eOne Solutions