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accidentally created a JE in closed year 2018 -

  • 1.  accidentally created a JE in closed year 2018 -

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hello everyone,

    All of a sudden my bank reconciliation report was off $11,277.36 from my GP total. (attached - Bank Account to GPUG)
    I ran a transaction reconciliation (attached JE 49346 - $11,277.36) and found this transaction JE#49346. I do not remember doing this posting but records of my JE indicate I posted 9-2018 instead of 8-2019.
    I looked and posting to history is selected on this company in GP, UGH.

    Outstanding Transaction Report indicated this transaction (FMLB Outstanding Trx Report)
    CHK 0000000000000013046    9-7-2018    Medline Industries debit trx $11,277.36 instead of check transaction typically ($11,277.36)
    This check was voided in system on 9-7-18(18 Medline Historical Void check) reissued so not sure what this transaction is and why posted opposite as a check would be.
    I have only been with this company since 12-2018 to transactions before that were previous accountant.

    Anyways when JE 49346 posted it created a CMTRX and also a BBF transaction in December (FIRSTMID Trx 16 092018)
    I need to adjust my bank reconciliation to included the missing $11,277.36 back in 2018 for my account to balance in 2019.

    I have attached the (backup filed) - I hope someone can help me.


    Tammy Bies
    Surgical Management Professionals

  • 2.  RE: accidentally created a JE in closed year 2018 -

    Posted 8 days ago
    The bad "2018" transaction was a decrease, since it was a check.
    Create a bank transaction increase adjustment with the bad 2018 date to reverse it.
    This will also create a junk BBF transaction, which should be a mirror image of the first one.
    The create a bank transaction decrease adjustment with the good 2019 date.
    Then the sun will shine, and it will be a good day.

    Bruce Strom
    Programmer Analyst
    Superior Lighting, Inc.
    Sunrise FL


  • 3.  RE: accidentally created a JE in closed year 2018 -

    Posted 7 days ago

    Yes... It worked


    Thanks so much Bruce!!!!  You are my sunshine!


    Tammy Bies

    Corporate Staff Accountant



  • 4.  RE: accidentally created a JE in closed year 2018 -

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Tammy,

    Out of curiosity, what GL accounts were used with the original bank transaction (i.e. the un-voided version)?

    As per the attached Bank Transaction Posting Journal - the same GL account (1006) was debited and credited. This JE has a zero net effect on GL account 1006, which might be the reason why this JE appeared in the 'Unmatched Transactions' section of the Reconcile to GL report.

    At any rate, an additional control to prevent posting would be to mark off the periods as closed via the Fiscal Period Setup window (i.e. mark the check boxes corresponding to the series / period that shouldn't be posted to anymore).

    Gerald Buenafe
    BTP Technologies LLC


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