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Order Fulfillment similar to Amazon FBA

  • 1.  Order Fulfillment similar to Amazon FBA

    Posted Jan 21, 2019 12:23 PM
    We have a situation where we will be acting as a regional distribution / fulfillment warehouse for a separate company (i.e. Parts Company).
    • We will NOT own the inventory. 
    • We will NOT bill or collect from customers directly.
    • We will NOT be tracking sales tax.
    • We will be housing their inventory separate from our own.
    • We will receive an order to ship the parts directly to the "Parts Company" customer.
    • We will have to provide shipping tracing information back to the "Parts Company". 
    We have several pieces of software we currently use for our own sale, crm and shipping.
    Dynamics GP, Salespad, Starship, Liason Messenger

    The question is how best to setup GP to handle this. We are already planning on setting up a separate company but I guess I am looking for suggestions on how to set it up and how to process things. Not sure if any one has already had to do this or not. We are trying to make sure the inventoy and order processing stay seperate from our normal day to day processes.

    Mark Lutz
    Titan Motorsports

  • 2.  RE: Order Fulfillment similar to Amazon FBA

    Posted Jan 23, 2019 12:09 PM
    Yes and the best way, maybe the only way is to create logical warehouse/site ID(s) inside the physical warehouse/site ID.
    In Memphis, we distribute high volumes of consignment material as part of VMI contracts. Motorola, Cisco etc.....
    The approach is to create sites:
    MEMTEL - Company owned product  GL Account Segment 300
    MEM(CONS) - VMI product  GL Account Segment 3XX generic consignemt
    MEMCISCO - VMI Cisco GL Account Segment 3XX Cisco consignemt
    MEMMOTO - VMI Motorola GL Account Segment 3XX Motorola consignemt

    The segregation of the product is maintained physically on the warehouse floor and in the General Ledger Inventory Accounts by Site Segment ID for every IV move.

    Consignment Material is received to and usually shipped/sold or transferred out of a MEM(CONS) site ID
    Company owned material is received to and usually shipped/sold  or transferred out of a MEMTEL site ID.

    Thaddeus Suter
    Retus, Inc

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