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  • 1.  ProNest sofware and GP

    Posted Jun 06, 2019 11:32 AM
    ​I'm wondering if there's anyone in the group that is familiar with ProNest software used in conjunction with GP.
    In our case, it's used for cutting shapes out of steel plate and managing the associated plate inventory.
    That sounds redundant, because of course GP tracks quantities and lot numbers. But while GP can tell me how many square feet we have, it can't tell me what the shape of the piece is.(It may be square, or maybe long and narrow, or even an L-shaped remnant after previously cutting some parts.)
    We do want to keep the two programs in sync, however. That's why we're looking for someone with experience with both.
    There is a Data Sync module for ProNest, and any advice on how that works would be most welcome.(ProNest is sold by Hypertherm, by the way.)


    Randy Griffin
    Broadwind Energy
    Manitowoc WI
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