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  • 1.  CCPA Compliance issues

    Posted Jan 28, 2020 02:11 AM
    Hi there fellow GPUG members. Maybe someone has come across this already.  If not, most of you will have to deal with this new CCPA rule eventually, in some capacity.  So one of the requirements of the new CCPA law is that a customer can request a seller/supplier/vendor to remove their personal information and all records of their transaction and existence essentially. I realize we can leave a transaction in place for accounting purposes but the rest of the customers' personal information has to be removable.  We receive orders that go into our GP 2016r2 System from multiple places, some automatically get imported through SmartConnect and others are manually entered orders (Commerce Hub) so that our shipping system (Starship) can generate shipping labels and tracking information is saved in GP and passed back to the customer/vendor.  This information is basically Name, Address, shipping method, tracking #, telephone # if provided, etc.  All of this falls under the  "identifiable information" clause in the new CCPA rules.  As we all know, once an order or invoice has been printed, that stuff is locked.  I'm sure there is a back-end method we could use to edit tables (YUCK!) and change/remove information but that's not an acceptable ongoing process as only 2 people in our company (out of 30) have the ability to access SQL or Professional Tools and have access to the SA account.  I need a solution that our everyday GP users can follow so we can be CCPA compliant.  That being said, what is everyone doing to comply with the new CCPA rules on privacy and the requirement of removing customer information from the GP System after the fact?

    Thanks so much!

    Scott Heisler
    Diba Imports, LP
    Earth City MO
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  • 2.  RE: CCPA Compliance issues

    Posted Jan 29, 2020 10:08 AM
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    Hi Scott,

    First, your company needs to determine if it meets the criteria for CCPA to apply to it. I'd recommend consulting your company legal team. You'll also need to understand what personal information is required to be deleted and under what conditions.  There are exceptions.  An excellent resource is the iapp, International Association of Privacy Professionals.  It has numerous resources that can supplement your companies assessment of its responsibility under CCPA. Attached please find the "California Consumer Privacy Act: A Compliance Guide" that is one of the resources. It was published in March 2019. Please refer to page 24 for the discussion on deletion requests. Since then, CCPA has been amended.  iapp has additional resources.

    None of this is intended to be legal advise.  Please consult with your legal council. Feel free to use the guide as education tool only.


    Keith Paul
    VP Business Management Systems
    UNICOM Engineering, Inc.
    Plano TX


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  • 3.  RE: CCPA Compliance issues

    Posted Jan 29, 2020 10:08 AM
    Hey @Scott Heisler
    If I'm hearing correctly, you want to go in and update the shipping information for posted sales transactions.  As an ex-auditor, that would concern me - but moving past that, you also mention SmartConnect.   With SmartConnect you can tap into any SQL table and update any SQL table.  I'd have to think through scripting on that a bit because you would need the map to prompt you for a customer id, but I bet you could get SmartConnect to do something along those lines.  Then you could give access to the map to only certain people and you'll have a tracking of when it was run.

    Also wouldn't be a bad idea to enter a product suggestion with Microsoft for this feature.

    Windi Epperson
    Customer Support Manager
    Njevity, Inc
    norman OK

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