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Check Printer

  • 1.  Check Printer

    Posted 18 days ago
    Good morning.  We currently use an HP LaserJet P3015 to print our AP checks using Mekorma.  We need a second printer for a different location and that model is discontinued.  The replacement is the 507 series.  Has anyone made such a switch?  We want to be able to use the same check layout for both printers if possible.

    Thanks, Tracy​

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  • 2.  RE: Check Printer

    Posted 18 days ago

    Assuming you have a printer driver that is compatible with the printer, you should be able to use the same layout if it is within the parameters of the printer.
    Are you using Named Printers? In our setup I would just set up the Printer in Named Printers and then assign that printer to the user that would be utilizing it to print checks.

    I'll bet David Musgrave could give a much more detailed answer...

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  • 3.  RE: Check Printer

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by David Musgrave 17 days ago

    Hi @Mark LeRette

    Love the call out.  So yes, Named Printers can be used to redirect the print job to the appropriate printer. Make sure you ​recreate the Printer ID so that it matches the new drivers you install.

    As far as layout compatibility, the only thing that I can see as a problem is the printable area margins. If the report is defined in the GP Report Writer, having the Pre-Printed Form checkbox selected means that the printable area margins are ignored and the report will be based off the edges of the paper instead. The advantage of this approach is that it can "move" to other printers with different printable area margins and the layout will not shift. As long as everything is within the printable area the report will work fine.

    To summarize:
    Pre-Printed form unchecked: No margins needed on report layout, but layout will shift based on current printer printable area margins.
    Pre-Printed form checked: Margins defined as part of report layout, layout does not shift as it is relative to papers edge. if any of the layout in non-printable area, it will not be printed.

    Hope that helps.


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