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Time Code

  • 1.  Time Code

    Posted 16 days ago
    ​Hi there

    Hoping someone could help me.  We use the HR module to accrue PTO and Longevity Hours.  We noticed recently that the Longevity hours did not shut off like we had planned.  Employees that hit their 15 year anniversary will receive 8 hours of Longevity, every year going forward.  The max they can carryover into the new year is 16 hours.  We've found that some employees have more than 16 hours.

    I thought I had it setup correctly, but obviously not.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    Robin Arveson
    BayCare Clinic
    Green Bay WI

  • 2.  RE: Time Code

    Posted 15 days ago
    I believe you need to change your Maximum Accrual Hours per Year to 8.00 and Maximum Hours Available, which is currently blank, to 16.00

    Mark LeRette
    Application System Analyst II
    Muscatine Power and Water
    Muscatine IA