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Help make GPUG Summit a success by submitting your own presentation proposal

  • 1.  Help make GPUG Summit a success by submitting your own presentation proposal

    Posted Mar 19, 2019 12:28 PM
    Dear Collaborators,

    Some of the most intensely fulfilling moments of the five Summits I've attended since 2014 have come from making presentations. I've gotten to work with Dynamics GP MVPs like @Mark Polino, @Belinda Allen,
    @Steve Endow, @Beat Bucher, @Jen Kuntz, and @Shawn Dorward... and I didn't have to beg! They were all willing to work with me. You'd be amazed how the most talented people in the GP universe ​​​​​​​will work with you at Summit to co-present with you.

    For example, I was dabbling with Power BI in 2016 and I'd come up with a way to represent with modern methods one of the greatest visual representations of graphical information ever created: Charles Minard's graphic of Napoleon's Russia campaign in the winter of 1812. I had hoped to find a Power BI graphic that could impart at least some of the pathos of the original. I found it in the Sankey visualization.

    I was able to persuade Mark Polino, Belinda Allen, Jen Kuntz, and Tad Thompson of PowerObjects to join me in a 5-way presentation of Non-Financial Uses for Power BI at Summit 2016 in Tampa. Five laptops plugging in and out of the projection screen and five nifty presentations of the, well, power of Power BI! And all four of my co-presenters were gracious enough to reprise the presentation in a webinar with me a little over a month later.

    I don't say this because I did something remarkable; I say it because it's remarkable how much help and encouragement you can get from really, really top-notch people in the GP universe. You just have to make a proposal for GPUG Summit.

    When I heard that the Call for Proposals had started, I immediately corresponded with Béat Bucher to do an updated version of our "Dashboard on a Dime" Summit session from last year. He's willing! Here's the description of our new and improved session: Dashboard on a Dime II: The Second Part!

    GPUG All Stars Béat Bucher and Steve Erbach bring you bigger and better ADVANCED GP Administrator Dashboards. Building on last year's wildly popular "Dashboard on a Dime," Béat and Steve share with you the improvements they've made with the help of enthusiastic adopters of the original Admin Dashboard. They'll combine the two separate Dashboards from last year into ONE! Including a high-res view of which users are doing what in GP; GP record locks; disconnected SQL sessions using up GP licenses; stuck GP batches; and a highly attractive, C-Level graph of weekly GP user activity! Our two GPUG All Stars have combined their original with suggestions they've received in the past year to really make the Dashboard pop! You'll learn how it's done step-by-step. Better yet: you get to take it home with you to install! This is MONDO DEEP TECH!

    Do you think my use of the term, "MONDO" will persuade people to come to our session?

    Then @Aleiha Hanson suggested that our separate presentations (Aleiha's was in a webinar; mine was at the Chicago Chapter meeting last Friday) on navigating the web site could be merged into a Summit session. So I submitted a second proposal:

    Richard Whaley Award and Emerald Award winner, Aleiha Hanson, and GPUG All Star and Emerald Award winner, Steve Erbach, team up to help you stop grinding your teeth as you navigate the web site. Don't get us wrong: there've been oodles of improvements over the years. But there are hidden and not-so-hidden methods for finding just what you need and for getting the most satisfaction out of your experience. Avoid the pitfalls of finding GPUG members near you, the pratfalls of GPUG messaging, the anxieties of posting on the GPUG Forum, and the hassles of finding a recorded webinar... and that's just scraping the surface. EVERYONE will learn something about keeping your hair and making the web site behave.

    Presenting at GPUG Summit is a thrill and a fantastic way to broaden your personal network. The Call for Proposals is open and here's the link to the SurveyMonkey page where you can post your idea.

    If you're painfully shy but you've got a great idea for a Summit session, you can still post your idea without putting yourself forward as the presenter. The Summit Content Committee will consider your idea and find an excellent presenter to make it a reality.

    So why wait? The deadline for submissions is April 12th, so you've got plenty of time to get up the nerve to present a session yourself -or- to simply submit your idea and have someone else pick up the ball and run with it. Just do it!

    See you at Summit!


    "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - Green Bay, WI
    Co-Chair, GPUG WI (Green Bay) Chapter

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