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Employee Review Monitoring Great Plains

  • 1.  Employee Review Monitoring Great Plains

    Posted Feb 07, 2019 02:51 PM

    I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge on how to setup employee reviews with the HR Module in Great Plains. What I am looking to create is a database where managers can run a report or a smartlist and view when their employees are due for a review. Is this something GP does? I have poked around in the various windows of review in GP and have not been able to find what I am envisioning.

    Would it be more beneficial to just create an outlook calendar for individual managers or some other option? I can just see the outlook calendar eating up a lot of unnecessary time and management. I know all the data points are accessible in GP IE Start date Etc. Just trying to find how to mass entry employees if its possible

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Collin Smith

    Collin Smith
    Duluth Pack
    Duluth MN

  • 2.  RE: Employee Review Monitoring Great Plains

    Posted Feb 07, 2019 05:28 PM
    There is no mass entry function in GP for Reviews, but you could certainly use eConnect/SmartConnect to do an integration that would pull existing data in from a spreadsheet or database.

    Review Plans can be set up in GP > Tools > Setup > Human Resources > Reviews
    Specific Review Dates for each employee can be set up in Cards under HR & Payroll in Human Resources > Employee > Reviews

    We use a 3rd party software for conducting reviews and then move the historical data into GP. so it can be viewed through smartlists and SSRS reports there.

    Mark LeRette
    Application System Analyst II
    Muscatine Power and Water
    Muscatine IA

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