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Going paperless/digital - slowly

  • 1.  Going paperless/digital - slowly

    Posted 15 days ago

    The other week my boss came to me and said he has decided our company will be going digital (as much as possible).  My initial thought was a scene of trying to herd a thousand cats and I laughed.  Not the best thing to do to your boss.

     We are currently using Dynamics GP 2018 and have been on GP since  the year 2000.  Anyway, we sat down and discussed what could be possible using Dynamics GP as it is now without adding on any additional software. (He doesn't want his employees to have to learn new software in addition to having to learn how to be digital).  After some pondering, I was able to tell him a few things we could start doing now but it's going to hurt.  He wants to be ready for a test run come Jan and go official May 1st.

     I outlined a few steps, one of which was updating the customer address file because it has not been reviewed/corrected in the 17yrs since we last confirmed information – meaning during this time a lot of customers prefer things emailed and no one has updated it.  We have yet to go with WORD templates which I am focusing on. 

    Our company does some manufacturing/production.  We use Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financial (Limited), Field Service modules.  We DO NOT USE General Ledger (don't ask), or WORKFLOW (we do not require approvals)

     With that background, what my boss is envisioning is that instead of passing a file to the next person who needs their hands on it, they set up a task for that person, notifying them that the document in the system is ready for them.  I did a test using "Send User Message" and of our 26 GP users, only FIVE claimed to have received the dialog box, with one person having to close several windows looking for it.  So I don't have a lot of confidence in that use.  However, I did notice that "Send User Message" has the ability to assign a task at the same time it gives someone an alert

     We are working on updating our Business Alerts but I'm still reviewing who needs to be notified of what and how best to set it up.  I explained to my boss that the alert could show up as TASKS on the home page which means retraining our employees to pay attention to what is on their screen. My boss was wondering, if at the end of the day, Dynamics could automatically send a list of the day's tasks that had been sent to a specific user throughout the day so they could review and make sure they caught everything – and have Dynamics do this automatically.  I'm assuming I could use Business Alerts but if a task is completed by a user prior to that being run, they won't see that days' tasks.

     I would be curious to know how other companies have gone paperless without the addition of add-on software.

     Thank you

    Pam Palmer
    Project Mgr/Database Admin
    Temple, Inc.
    Decatur AL
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Going paperless/digital - slowly

    Posted 14 days ago
    Paperless with GP is definitely possible and can be simpler than it sounds. Without knowing your exact process, I can only maybe suggest a few tools! Right off the bat, I want to suggest that the Power Platform is a fantastic tool for getting deep into the paperless world of mobile apps and complex workflows, but that is taking you into extra software and different places for people to go.

    Business alerts is a good option for somethings and especially things that you want to trigger alerts to people fairly quickly.

    A tool we have used a lot within our business process is SQL Reports (SSRS). You can build out a task list of things people should do and mail that out from an SSRS subscription hourly or how ever often you want. You could build that so that a parameter of this report is the job role you want to send for and the report would have the rules for that job role. Your job roles then have a single mail with all the things that are waiting for them right now. Will require a bit of SQL development, but it should not be too complex. If you get more advanced, you can even perform actions within GP from SSRS links. We have a case where we are able to generate a SOP invoice if a reconciliation report is "accepted", for example.

    The other tool to use could be custom navigation lists or even smart lists as the actions can be done from there.

    GP workflow is also a powerful tool as it can also just be an alert for people to perform an action, even if you do not require the approval itself.

    I hope one or two of these ideas help on your journey. Please feel free to reach out if you need more "ideas".


    David Joosten
    IT Executive
    Premier FMCG (Pty) Ltd

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: Going paperless/digital - slowly

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi Pam,

    Be sure to attend the Virtual Summit conference this week  It starts today.  You will see so many ideas on how you can use our GP system and other Microsoft tools to automate your processes, notifications and reduce or eliminate the need to send physical documents.
    If you haven't already, be sure to set up EFT for payments so you don't have to send physical checks to pay vendors, employees, etc.

    Enjoy and good luck.

    Teri Carpenter
    TD Carpenter & Associates, Inc.
    Toledo OH

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 4.  RE: Going paperless/digital - slowly

    Posted 5 days ago
    The workflows in GP all work great and can be setup as 'Tasks' or 'Approvals'. There's also a workflow for many of the things that you'd need, right out of the box.

    New Vendor Workflow for Example
    - Vendor card filled out in GP & submitted for approval
    - Task 1 goes to Ops Manager to track down and upload a W9 to vendor in GP
    - Task 2 goes to Credit team to approve credit
    - Approval 1 goes to Ops Manager
    - Approval 2 goes to CFO because it's a new vendor in the 'Supplier' Vendor class

    The same types of tasks/approvals can be done for transactions and batches as well. All pretty cool. Workflows are done very nicely in GP & pair very well w/ the Document Attach functionality.

    Kyle Malone, CPA
    ⭐GPUG Allstar | Chapter Leader - Louisiana (New Orleans)
    GP Admin - CGB Enterprises, Inc.
    Lead Consultant/Blogger -
    Solugence | Find the software that FITS your business + integrates with GP.

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