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Intercompany Postings for Investment and Capital Applied

  • 1.  Intercompany Postings for Investment and Capital Applied

    Posted 22 days ago
    Good afternoon all,

    It's been a while since I have posted a question in here.  I have a client that is currently using Intercompany for posting transactions between a parent company and the subsidiary company(s).  However the subsidiary company will never pay back the parent company.  so they question they have is can we change the Due TO/ Due From accounts from being in their (12000) range Asset acccounts to a Investment account (Parent Company 17000 account number) and an Applied Capital in account (subsidiary company 30000 account number)

    I don't see a reason why this won't work.  Other than if they actually have an subsidiary that will pay back using the due to /due from.  I know we can't set-up multiples.

    Please let me know your thoughts....

    Thank you!

    Tammy Chavez
    Senior Software Consultant
    LightHouse Business Information Solutions, LLC.
    albuquerque NM
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