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"HELP ME... HELP YOU..." A Few Updates For The Month

  • 1.  "HELP ME... HELP YOU..." A Few Updates For The Month

    Posted Jun 25, 2018 12:02 PM
    Edited by Tasha Orange Jul 25, 2018 03:45 PM

    Well it's not exactly a "pride-swallowing siege" but I really do need your help to help me, help you. :)

    Hi there, Jax GPUG members! Just providing a few updates for the month.

    Yes, you heard it right. Our GPUG Early Bird Registration Ends This Thursday, June 28, 2018 so this is the last stretch of time to save up to $400 per attendee. We shared a coupon code: ​BESTSUMMITEVER and this code provides an additional 10% off that already reduced early bird rate. The coupon code is only valid through the June 28, early registration date as well. A quick note on Summit that you might not be aware of... Did you know that after attending Summit, you have a special opportunity window in which you can register for the following year's Summit at an incredibly low rate, even lower than the early bird rate? Perhaps this extra bit of knowledge boosts your interest in attending this year's Summit in Phoenix, so I'm just putting it all out there for you. If you haven't already then please, follow this link to REGISTER NOW: GPUG SUMMIT 2018 - PHOENIX, AZ

    2) "HELP ME... HELP YOU..."
    As chapter leaders, Laureen and I want nothing more than to help you get the most out of GPUG experiences. In order to give you what you need and want to see, we need your help. We would LOVE to get your FEEDBACK on the quarter 2 meeting that was hosted by Paul Davis Restoration on June 14, 2018. Your feedback is very important and provides us with the opportunity to review and adjust future meetings to better suit the wants or needs of our group. Please take a moment to follow this link to complete a quick review of our last meeting... and help us to make our chapter meetings the best that they can be, for all of us: GPUG Jax Chapter Survey - 2nd Quarter 2018

    We have added a few things to our chapter group library since the quarter two meeting so I want you to be aware that we've got some new items. a) 3 Potential Fixes for Integration Manager Error     b) DocStar Presents Best Practices: AP Automation     c) Excel & Power BI: Kissing Cousins (June 2018)     d) Centerprism Presents Why #MicrosoftCalledUs 
    Coming Soon: Integration Manager Common Error Codes
    Just follow this link to our growing educational and informative library of items: GPUG Jax Chapter Library

    That's a little update for current happenings since our meeting earlier this month. I hope you found this useful.
    As always please be sure to utilize and post on our Chapter Group page, the GPUG main page and/or reach out to me and Laureen for any assistance or information. There is so much available to us in these areas, all so that we can make our GP software and experiences everything that we need them to be, for us and our various organizations.

    Best regards, all!

    Tasha Orange
    Senior Financial Analyst
    US Assure
    Jacksonville FL

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