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  • 1.  Kits Question

    Posted May 14, 2019 11:58 AM
    ​Hi all, wondering if someone can comment whether GP allows a way to transact a kit without fulfilling each of the components.  Two questions

    First, we have kits (groups of items) that we don't always need to fulfill each component.  Is there a way to transact a kit without including every single item, can we leave out some of the items?  It's critical to do it this way vs. creating a different part number or additional kit numbers to represent the transactions (long story).

    Second question, does the site id play a part in this? Can we set different rules for one site id vs. the other in order to execute your solution for the above?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

    Gina Marshall
    AtriCure, Inc.
    Mason OH

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