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  • 1.  Management Reporter Training

    Posted Jun 20, 2018 03:21 PM
    Hi there, 

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a Management Reporter Training class?

    Thanks in advance.

    Josh Withers
    Senior Staff Accountant
    Dominion Diagnostics, LLC
    N. Kingstown RI

  • 2.  RE: Management Reporter Training

    Posted Jun 20, 2018 05:05 PM
    There was a great Management Reporter training session online this morning at 10 AM CDT that was perfect for what you are looking for.
    @Derek Krebs from MSX Group did a great one hour training on Management Reporter and you need to make sure you watch the webinar replay.
    You can get to this by going under Learn & Engage - Webinar Recordings and look under the Recently Added Member Exclusive Recordings. Since it was just shown this morning it might be tomorrow by the time it is posted there for you to see.

    The title of the webinar is "Management Reporter - 7 Cool Report Examples for Income Statements".

    Another suggestion is to make sure that you sign up for the Summit 2018 Pre-Conference training on Management Reporter. You will be glad that you got there a day early so you can attend this.

    I hope this helps you at least get started.

    Steve Burney
    GP Administrator
    Nissan Trading Corporation Americas
    Smyrna, TN United States

    Chairman, Nashville (TN) GPUG Chapter
    GPUG All Star 2017
    Twitter @SteveBurney

    GP2016 R2

  • 3.  RE: Management Reporter Training

    Posted Jun 20, 2018 10:53 PM
    ​Hi Josh,  please look to the GPUG training academy schedule where we hold classes usually twice a month on Management Reporter (beginner and advanced classes).

    Steve, glad you could join us for the Mgt Reporter webinar today and the recording will be posted soon.  Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes we will also be teaching the pre-Summit classes in Phoenix in October so hope to see GPUGers there! 

    Have a nice day and summer...

    Derek Krebs
    Sr Consultant
    MSX Group

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