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The terrific Upper Midwest Regional Chapter meeting in Fargo

  • 1.  The terrific Upper Midwest Regional Chapter meeting in Fargo

    Posted Aug 16, 2017 10:22 AM
    I had an outstanding time in Fargo at the Upper Midwest Regional Chapter meeting. A few picture highlights:

    GPUG General Manager Bob McAdam, Excel and Power BI maven Belinda Allen, GPUG Program Manager Lisa Lucas, and GPUG Chapter Manager Molly Fuchsel giving me a "Hail, fellow! Well met!" You can also see Minnesota Chapter Leader Bert Green coming in the door behind Bob McAdam.

    The full Microsoft meeting room at the GP HQ in Fargo. The room was divided for the two tracks that ran during meeting. Those screens are 14-foot diagonal jobs!

    Microsoft Excel MVP and GPUG All Star Belinda Allen had a bit of trouble with her iPad during her Power BI session. The darned thing wouldn't display in landscape mode on the projection screen! She said, "Well, you can see it on my iPad!"

    Belinda posing with her book. Recommended!

    The Microsoft campus was very swank. Lots of glass. This view is from the balcony overlooking the company's cafeteria.

    GPUG All Star and co-organizer of the Regional Chapter meeting, Brian Lambertz, discusses his company's journey from GP 2010 to GP 2015. This was an excellent presentation full of good advice. I told Brian that it is easily worthy of GPUG Summit.

    It was tough choosing from the 12 sessions in two tracks during the two days. Tuesday was particularly hard because of the superb presenters: GPUG All Star Amber Bell (remotely), Belinda Allen, and eOne's Nicole Albertson... I couldn't see them all!

    Congratulations to the Minneapolis and Fargo Chapters on a terrific schedule of events. If you see word of next year's Upper Midwest Regional Chapter meeting, don't miss out!


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