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  • Q2 Meeting on Thursday!

    If you haven't already, please sign up and attend our Q2 meeting - coming up this Thursday!  Oppenheimer Co will be hosting in downtown Boise (parking is provided with validation under the building) and we look forward to presentations from Rockton Software as well as Centerprism.  We'll also be planning our summer barbecue, so please come contribute your ideas!
  • Welcome to the GP Tech Conference 2019 Community!

    Thank you for registering for Dynamics GP Tech Conference! We look forward to seeing you September 9-11 in Fargo, ND! Use this community to stay informed about the latest conference details, have discussions with fellow attendees and make connections before getting onsite.
    As a reminder, we will be adding the presentation materials the week after GP Tech Conference has concluded in the community’s Library tab.

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  • I’m announcing a change with our GPUG Board of Advisors (BOA) that is effective June 1, 2019. Delta Medical Systems' @Michelle Kocher , who has been serving as Vice Chair of our BOA, will take over as the Chair of the Board beginning next month ...

  • I created a test company using a second tenant.  I allowed the system to use the default framework during installation (My mistake).  I then created ...

  • Does anyone using the payroll module in the restaurant space use or know of a third party application to identify tipped employees who have not claim​ed enough tips to bring them above the minimum wage that will calculate the amount of the tip deficiency ...