GPUG All Star Nominations Named - Time to VOTE!

By Kim Peterson posted Jul 02, 2015 02:01 PM



GPUG All Star Nominees Announced


Thank you for submitting your GPUG All Star Award nominations for 2015!


GPUG looks forward to continuing the tradition of recognizing three GPUG All Stars again this year during GPUG Summit and we'd like to hear from you!

Please VOTE for this year's GPUG All Stars by Monday, August 31st.    

GPUG All Stars are individuals who help the greater GPUG community by showing:


  • Courage - The strength to persevere and the talent to teach fellow GP Users

  • Passion A willingness to share their passion for GP and technology with others

  • Resolve A willingness to take time to help others face challenges

  • Advancement - The pursuit of individual and organizational growth and development

  • Commitment - A deep-rooted responsibility to further the mission of GPUG for the good of the GP community and Dynamics industry


To be nominated is a huge honor. We have over 20,000 active Members with in the GPUG Community. 

 Who deserves your vote for 2015? 

 Please vote for three individuals:   

2015 User Nominees

Drew Rosen, Carolina Services of Fayetteville, Inc

Frank Heslin, ExamWorks, Inc.

Kathy Kim, Donor Network of Arizona

Rick Ward, Storm Industries, Inc.

Rick Zich, Coopers DIY dba Mr. Beer

Steve Erbach, WOW Logistics

Viola Shoell, Franklin County PUD

2015 Partner Nominees

Chris Dew, eOne Solutions

Chris Hadden, Green Shades

Christina Philips, BKD

David Musgrave, Winthrop Consulting

Derek Krebs, MSx Group

Leslie Vail, Accounting Systems Consulting, Inc.

Luanne McPherson, ACOM Solutions, Inc.

Mariano Gomez, IntellPartners

Mark Wiley, NexTec Group

Nicole Albertson, eOne Solutions

Noah Moseley, MSx Group

Rod O’Connor, Briware Solutions

Thomas Franz, Integrity Data

Wally Dodds, Dorado Solutions



We are excited to recognize these deserving individuals.


Please click here to vote!


Thank you!

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Aug 31, 2015 02:42 PM

Less than 5 hours to vote for your GPUG All Stars! #GPUGALLSTARS deserve your attention!