Benefits Self Service for Dynamics GP 2015

By Tom Franz, CPP posted Nov 26, 2014 02:58 PM


Did you hear about what’s coming in Dynamics GP 2015 for your employees?  In addition to some basic employee self-service functionality, Microsoft is releasing updated Benefits Self Service functionality that will allow your employees to enroll into their company benefits online.  While this does technically replace the existing Business Portal functionality, it is a far superior product.  With online employee enrollment, businesses will no longer have to gather paper documents from their employees and key into the system the selections made for enrollment.  This will make health & life insurance along with retirement enrollment very simple.  Benefits administrators will be able to open up an enrollment for their employees and allow the employee to do the data entry.  They simply review and “post” the enrollment right into the Human Resources and Payroll tables.

The new Benefit Self Service allows for things like:

  • Separate health and dental enrollments
  • Plan dependencies for times when you want employees to enroll into employee life insurance before enrolling their spouse or children
  • Staggered enrollment periods
  • Future effective benefits
  • Unlimited user defined enrollment information
  • “Returning” an enrollment to an employee
  • Allowing employers to push enrollment status information right into Excel for detailed reporting
  • Attaching multiple plan documents to a benefit (including Adobe Acrobat pdf’s and Microsoft Word documents)

So, how do you get started, you ask?

  1. Assign a Dynamics GP User ID to all of your employees that will be utilizing online enrollment.  This does require that these employees have a Dynamics GP login.  A “Limited User” login is acceptable for using self-service functionality.  Look for additional user types coming from Microsoft in the near future.


  2. Optional: Create user defined “attributes” (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Benefit Attributes)

    -These are used to provide information to, and collect information from employees during enrollment.

  3. Optional: Create a plan benefit type (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Benefit Types)

    -This is used for grouping our different employer provided benefits (e.g. Health, Retirement, Life Insurance, etc.) for reporting purposes.

  4. Create a plan benefit (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Plan Benefits)

    -This is the main window for defining the benefits that your employees will select for enrollment.  You will link these plan benefits to your HR Benefits.  If you don’t use HR, you can link directly to a Payroll Benefit/Deduction code as well.

    1. Create your plan options (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Plan Options)

      -These are used for defining enrollment options for a specific benefit (e.g. Employee Only, Spouse Coverage, Full Family, etc.).

  5. Create a benefit package (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Packages)

    -These are used to define the group of benefits offered to groups of employees.

  6. Create an eligibility rule (Tool > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Eligibility Rules)

    -These are used to define the groups of employees that receive similar benefit packages.

  7. Open an enrollment (Tools > Setup > Human Resources > Benefits & Deductions > Enrollments)

-This is where HR Administrators will open up an enrollment for employees.  Different enrollments can be created for annual, semi-annual and life event employee enrollments.

Once the setup is complete, your employees will access the “Benefit Enrollments” navigation list to select which benefits they enroll into.  HR benefit administrators will access a similar navigation list (“Administer Benefit Enrollments”) to review enrollment progress, view employee selections and post enrollments.

Employee Enrollment Submission Window

Administer Benefit Enrollments Navigation List

While there may be several steps to get up and running on the new Benefit Self Service functionality, the flexibility this new feature affords will allow you to configure it so that it fits your business requirements.

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