Dynamics GP & Power BI – What it does and how to use it – New for GP2018

By Shawn Dorward, MVP posted Mar 02, 2018 09:47 AM

Dynamics GP has had a few iterations of its Power BI integration over the years. I was very excited to see Power BI functionality in GP – this started with ~Dynamics GP 2016. Despite my excitement, I found it hard to ‘get on board’ as the functionality was limited and somewhat unreliable. Microsoft heard our case and delivered many changes with Dynamics GP 2018. The Power BI and Dynamics GP friendship has been renewed and I think you will really like it!

I have implemented this for a few businesses who use Dynamics GP… they LOVE IT, and so do I! This blog is meant to outline how this functionality works in GP and in Power BI. There is a lot to cover…

OData Service Setup
Dynamics GP publishes the data you authorize through the OData protocol.  The link above explains how to setup the OData Service with Dynamics GP.

Configure OData Service
The link above explains how to Configure the OData service in Dynamics GP.  We will also cover how to select data sources that will be published, and how to publish them.

Connect GP OData to Power BI
OData feeds are now published and ready to connect in Power BI Desktop.  Check out this blog to learn how!

Power BI on your GP Home Screen
Now that you have exposed GP data using OData and connected it to your Power BI Dashboard, read this blog on how to get those reports to show directly in GP!!

View App’s registered to your Power BI Account
Client ID’s (Application ID) are needed to embed Power BI Reports on your GP Home Screen.  This blog tells us how to see what App’s we have registered and what their ID’s are.

Remove Registered Apps from your Account
If you want to remove app registrations, it can be confusing… this blogs walks through how to perform that task.

Publish Using a Custom SQL View
If you want to take advantage of custom SQL views and use them with Power BI… I don’t blame you!  Check out this blog to see how it’s done!

Fix Error: Login Failed
When connecting to your Client ID in GP, you may get this error: This login failed. Attempt to login again or contact your system administrator – Click the blog above to learn how to resolve this error.

Additional posts coming soon:

  • Using GP OData with the Power BI Content Pack
  • Add Power BI to GP Web client
  • Errors/Troubleshooting
  • Using OData in Excel
  • GP Data on your table/phone with Power BI

Thanks for reading!