How geo-fencing and an efficient time in/out system can make all the difference in your GP system

By Naomi Wawers posted Apr 11, 2018 11:06 AM

Learn about geo-fencing in your GP system from Amanda Mendoza from DataBasics:

You may not know much about geo-fencing since its connection to MS Dynamics is relatively new. A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter or “fence” in a real-world geographic area. Geo-fences can allow administrators to plug in a set of real-world coordinates corresponding to their worksite and a specified radius around that worksite. Then, admins can use third-party timesheet add-on software with Clock In & Out to create rules for employees to only have clock-in access within the parameters specified.


Here are three problems solved by geo-fencing:


  1. Time theft: Employees cannot clock in unless they’re within the geo-fence. With a mobile workforce, this becomes particularly important to ensure that employees are responsible for not only when they clock in, but where they clock in too. Geo-fencing allows employees to use a time & attendance app on the device already in their pockets as a virtual time clock, but only according to the employer’s rules.
  2. Compliance: In addition to solving challenges like time theft, geo-fencing also safe-guards against time theft by preventing users from clocking in before they are at the worksite. For example, DATABASICS’ Clock In/Out module complies with the “7-Minutes rule” defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act. This ensures that employers are not only compliant with the law, but that they are fairly paying the employee without having to worry about paying down to the exact minute. Data about where users check in is stored alongside their clock-in/clock-out data, for extra verification. With employee timesheet tracking with GPS geo-fencing, employers can be sure that employees are paid appropriately and fairly for their time spent onsite.
  3. Buddy punching: Third-party timesheet software also helps prevent buddy punching since the employee’s mobile device is registered with their login. This means that one employee cannot clock in another employee if they’re not at the worksite. The benefit here is that users can clock in/out from their Desktop/Mobile/Tablet and/or Shared Device, but they can also be restricted to a specific location or device or workstation to clock in/out.
  4. Project tracking: Projects can also be tracked to the lowest level using Clock In/Out, linking all data to the timesheet system for approval, billing, costing, and payroll. The benefit to this is an all-in-one system for employees, which increases employee satisfaction and brings together all your essential systems into one place.


Bringing in a third-party add-on to your MS Dynamics GP system with advanced features like geo-fencing can be a major benefit for contractors, home nurses, lawyers, consultants, and retailers. Any organization with a mobile workforce can connect their GP platform with this innovative technology and leverage these benefits.