New Features & Look for GPUG.COM

By Marghet Hager posted Dec 12, 2018 08:54 AM


The GPUG.COM website has fresh new look. Let’s take a tour of some of the new personalized features which will help you better see relevant discussions and upcoming events.

New My Discussions Feed


On the homepage, you’ll see a ‘My Discussions’ feed of the latest discussions of the communities which you belong. You can click on the ‘Chapter Chatter’ tab to view only the discussions happening within your chapter.

New My Discussions Feed


New My Chapter & Upcoming Chapter Meetings Feed


To better connect you with upcoming local user group meetings, you’ll see a listing of the chapter communities which you belong and their upcoming meetings on the site’s homepage.

My Chapter Homepage Widget 
But – wait! That’s not all. When you visit the new page, you will see a feed of upcoming meetings in your chapter communities. By clicking the ‘My Meeting Registrations’ button you can view your current chapter meeting registrations.

 upcoming chapter meetings

This page includes a listing of all chapters with a tab to just see the chapter communities which you belong.
Find a Chapter Community


New Chapter Chatter Feed


Another new feature we're thrilled to introduce the a feed of discussions from the chapter communities which you belong. You will see this feed in two places:


1) A tab on the discussion feed on the Home page

 Chapter discussion feed

2) A feed on the Chapter page

Chapter Chatter

New Upcoming Conference & My Registrations Feed


On homepage, you will see a listing of all upcoming user group conferences. Click on the ‘My Conference Registrations’ tab to quickly view and access your current conference registrations.

My Conference Registrations’  

New Upcoming Webinars & My Webinar Registrations Feed


You will also see a listing of all upcoming user group webinars on our homepage. Similar to the Conference feed, you can click on the ‘My Webinar Registrations’ tab to quickly view and access your current webinar registrations.
New Upcoming Webinars


Easily Access Other User Groups


With the Utility navigation on the top bar, you can seamlessly access the User Group for Dynamics CRM, the Power Platform User Groups, and other user groups. As more companies are integrating product suites, this quick navigation gives you access to expanded resources and education around the Microsoft Business Application suite.

GPUG Navigation Bar 


We hope you enjoy exploring the new features of your user group website! If you have any questions as you browse the site, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to field your questions and feedback.