It’s One of My Favorite Times of the Year – GPUG All-Star Nomination Time!

By Lisa Lucas posted 07-11-2018 11:41 AM


One of the highlights of the year for me as the GPUG Program Manager is when the GPUG All-Star process begins! Seeing the GPUG community recognize and reward individuals who consistently go above and beyond in their volunteerism is amazing. Submit your All-Star nominations here.

For those of you not familiar with the process, every year around July the community nominates their peers for a GPUG All-Star Award (see criteria below). Once the nomination process concludes the community votes on those nominated. The winners are recognized at GPUG Summit every October. Be sure to join us October 15-18 in Phoenix, AZ to help celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow GPUGers! Learn more:

Please take a moment to read through the information below and vote – the GPUG community is vibrant due to all the contributions each of you make.


The GPUG All-Star Award program recognizes three GPUG Members who have a passion for Microsoft Dynamics GP and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to educate and connect the greater GPUG community.


Pictured with Bob McAdam are the 2017 All-Stars: Steve Burney, Leslie Vail and Bert Green


 The criteria for an All-Star Award candidate is as follows:

  • Courage – The strength to persevere and hold the talent to teach fellow Dynamics GP users.
  • Passion – For those who share their Dynamics GP and technology passion with others.
  • Resolve – Willing to take the time to help others with challenges they face.
  • Advancement – The pursuit of individual and organizational growth and development.


It’s Time To Nominate
You are encouraged to nominate up to three of your peers for the award - user and partner members are both eligible. Think about those individuals who routinely participate in answering questions on the Open Forum, provide educational opportunities through Academy training and/or virtual webinar presentations, or someone very active within your Chapter and the GPUG community. Active members of the GPUG community may be permitted to vote for someone at your company.


Once recognized, members continue to be All-Stars, it's not a one-year only award. They are All-Stars forever! Nominations for the All-Star Award will be taken through July 27, 2018 with voting on final winners taking place in August 2018.


Who do you think embodies the collaborative spirit of GPUG?


Click here to submit your GPUG All-Star Award nominations now!

Past winners:

Aaron Back                        Amber Bell

Beat Bucher                       Belinda Allen

Bert Green                         Bob McAdam

Brian Lambertz                 David Musgrave

Frank Heslin                      Howard Swerdloff

John Lowther                     Leslie Vail

Mark Polino                       Michelle Kocher

Richard Whaley                 Shawn Dorward

Steve Burney                     Steve Erbach

Terry Heley                         Viola Shoell

Zubin Gidwani


 Contact with questions.