Integrating HR/Payroll Systems Reduces Work and Errors

By Lindy Belley posted Apr 06, 2017 09:43 AM

Integrating HR/Payroll Systems Reduces Work and Errors

Integrating key software systems can save hours of exporting and importing data from one system to another. For example, having your time-keeping system fully integrated with your payroll solution can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on a regular basis keying in worked hours so that the payroll system can generate a payroll check for your employees. In addition, automated systems eliminate human error that can result in unhappy employees due to underpaid time and it can save costs related to overpaying employees. We all know that employees will be knocking on the door of the payroll department if they are underpaid … not so much if they are overpaid.

The big question is how to get systems connected. Larger organizations oftentimes have developers in house that can connect key systems. In addition, many HR and payroll systems have integration components built in. This is very common in terms of a payroll system having the ability to create a general ledger transaction that can be imported into the ERP system. Other, fully integrated systems, will automatically create the general ledger transactions when payroll is processed.

As payroll and HR professionals evaluate systems to fill the gaps for key systems like timekeeping, payroll processing, quarterly and annual IRS filings, leave management, benefits management, etc., it is important to evaluate their ability to integrate with other systems. A timekeeping system that makes it easy for employees to report time, which cannot aggregate those hours and report that in a format consumable by the payroll system, quickly loses its appeal to payroll professionals.

Integrity Data has a history of simplifying the life of HR and payroll professionals. To that end, we strive to ensure that data integration with our solutions, including the Integrity ACA solution, is as easy as possible. For example, the Integrity ACA solution can accept the data necessary to perform an ACA eligibility determination of coverage using data imported from an Excel flat file generated by the payroll &/or HR system, or through a direct application to application connection from the system of record. So long as you can export the critical information necessary for ACA reporting from your existing HR & payroll systems, the Integrity ACA solution can do the rest. In addition, many systems integrate seamlessly already, including Dynamics GP using the free “connector” from Integrity Data and Dynamics SL using the “SL Edition” from Plumbline Consulting. Many of our key partners have also created convenient export tools from their systems to make integrating into the Integrity ACA solution easy. In addition, organizations with on site developers, and payroll software companies, can use our integration SDK to build their own integrations into the Integrity ACA solution, making ACA compliance that much easier for you, your clients or your customers.

Have questions on how you can integrate your HR and payroll systems into the Integrity ACA solution? Contact us at or by phone at (217) 732-3737.

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