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Tip Tuesdays 2018

By Jen Kuntz posted Mar 12, 2019 04:37 PM

Greetings everyone!

I'm trying a new thing today: my first GPUG blog post. This one is a recap of all of the #TipTuesday posts I wrote in 2018, in one spot instead of a recurring update to a discussion post. I'll do the same with 2019 and then update that blog as the tips continue throughout the year.

Dates in GP:

Writing off small customer balances:

Clearing recurring batch amounts:

Reversing a Fiscal Year-End Close:

Digging into various options on Account Maintenance:

Assigning items to multiple sites:

Refreshing a test company tips:

Troubleshooting multi-currency tips:

How to multi-select serial numbers:

View options for multi-currency:

Currency symbols in GP:

Report Options window and how to use restrictions:

Did you know? The Miscellaneous Check window/feature doesn't support multi-currency:

Resetting your home page:

Company name tips for upgrades:

Web Client and forcing a SQL login:

What does Web Client User Only do?:

Unassigned security report and SUPERUSER role:

Launching GP with an alternate dynamics.set file:

Tax Schedule tips:

Sample SQL views for SmartLists:

User Preferences in GP:

Navigation Pane options:

Non-GP post: Remote Desktop using multiple monitors:​

Hidden shortcut on the Item Lookup window:

More Lookup window tips:

Getting rid of the Day in the Mgmt. Reporter date format:

Non-GP: SQL Report Builder (SSRS) 2016 permissions:​​

Retained Earnings Account is Inactive error:

Budget Transactions feature vs. Budget Uploads:

Send Message to Users feature:

Non-GP: Stop & Start SQL by batch file:

Permissions required for GP Utilities and workstation installs only:

Non-GP: Flash Fill in Excel:​

GP Utilities permissions part 2:

Non-GP: Excel tip on copy and pasting unique values:

Setting up Advanced Lookups in GP:

Non-GP: 2 factor authentication part 1:

Non-GP: 2 factor authentication part 2:

How to follow a conference or event by hashtag:

Taking a company offline:

Non-GP: using a 2nd PC as a 2nd monitor (Windows 10 feature):

My Reports in GP:

Getting a list of write-offs:

Follow up to getting a list of write-offs:

Tips for auto-completed in Dynamics GP:

Copy Journal Entry feature:

Backout or Correct Journal Entry feature:

Quick Journals:

That's it for my 2018 #TipTuesday blog posts!
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